Megawatt-hours to Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939)

Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939) to Megawatt-hours (Swap Units)


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Megawatt-hours to Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939) formula

cal(NBS) =
MWh * 860050000
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A megawatt hour is equivalent to a power of 1,000,000 Watts being applied for an hour


Megawatt-hours to Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939) formula

cal(NBS) =
MWh * 860050000

Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939)

The National Bureau of Standards (NBS, now known as The National Institute of Standards and Technology) defined the cal15 as being the ammount of energy needed to warm 1g of water from 14.5°C to 15.5°C


Megawatt-hours to Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939) table

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Megawatt-hours Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939)
0MWh 0.00cal(NBS)
1MWh 860050649.12cal(NBS)
2MWh 1720101298.24cal(NBS)
3MWh 2580151947.36cal(NBS)
4MWh 3440202596.48cal(NBS)
5MWh 4300253245.60cal(NBS)
6MWh 5160303894.72cal(NBS)
7MWh 6020354543.84cal(NBS)
8MWh 6880405192.96cal(NBS)
9MWh 7740455842.08cal(NBS)
10MWh 8600506491.20cal(NBS)
11MWh 9460557140.32cal(NBS)
12MWh 10320607789.44cal(NBS)
13MWh 11180658438.55cal(NBS)
14MWh 12040709087.67cal(NBS)
15MWh 12900759736.79cal(NBS)
16MWh 13760810385.91cal(NBS)
17MWh 14620861035.03cal(NBS)
18MWh 15480911684.15cal(NBS)
19MWh 16340962333.27cal(NBS)
Megawatt-hours Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939)
20MWh 17201012982.39cal(NBS)
21MWh 18061063631.51cal(NBS)
22MWh 18921114280.63cal(NBS)
23MWh 19781164929.75cal(NBS)
24MWh 20641215578.87cal(NBS)
25MWh 21501266227.99cal(NBS)
26MWh 22361316877.11cal(NBS)
27MWh 23221367526.23cal(NBS)
28MWh 24081418175.35cal(NBS)
29MWh 24941468824.47cal(NBS)
30MWh 25801519473.59cal(NBS)
31MWh 26661570122.71cal(NBS)
32MWh 27521620771.83cal(NBS)
33MWh 28381671420.95cal(NBS)
34MWh 29241722070.07cal(NBS)
35MWh 30101772719.19cal(NBS)
36MWh 30961823368.31cal(NBS)
37MWh 31821874017.43cal(NBS)
38MWh 32681924666.54cal(NBS)
39MWh 33541975315.66cal(NBS)
Megawatt-hours Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939)
40MWh 34402025964.78cal(NBS)
41MWh 35262076613.90cal(NBS)
42MWh 36122127263.02cal(NBS)
43MWh 36982177912.14cal(NBS)
44MWh 37842228561.26cal(NBS)
45MWh 38702279210.38cal(NBS)
46MWh 39562329859.50cal(NBS)
47MWh 40422380508.62cal(NBS)
48MWh 41282431157.74cal(NBS)
49MWh 42142481806.86cal(NBS)
50MWh 43002532455.98cal(NBS)
51MWh 43862583105.10cal(NBS)
52MWh 44722633754.22cal(NBS)
53MWh 45582684403.34cal(NBS)
54MWh 46442735052.46cal(NBS)
55MWh 47302785701.58cal(NBS)
56MWh 48162836350.70cal(NBS)
57MWh 49022886999.82cal(NBS)
58MWh 49882937648.94cal(NBS)
59MWh 50742988298.06cal(NBS)