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Kilowatt-hours to Foot-poundals formula

ft-pd =
kWh * 85429000
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A kilowatt hour is equivalent to a power of 1,000 Watts being applied for an hour


Kilowatt-hours to Foot-poundals formula

ft-pd =
kWh * 85429000


A foot poundal is the work done by a force of one poundal acting through a distance of one foot, in the direction of the force. It equates to 0.0421401100938048 J


Kilowatt-hours to Foot-poundals table

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Kilowatt-hours Foot-poundals
0kWh 0.00ft-pd
1kWh 85429295.32ft-pd
2kWh 170858590.63ft-pd
3kWh 256287885.95ft-pd
4kWh 341717181.27ft-pd
5kWh 427146476.58ft-pd
6kWh 512575771.90ft-pd
7kWh 598005067.22ft-pd
8kWh 683434362.53ft-pd
9kWh 768863657.85ft-pd
10kWh 854292953.17ft-pd
11kWh 939722248.48ft-pd
12kWh 1025151543.80ft-pd
13kWh 1110580839.12ft-pd
14kWh 1196010134.43ft-pd
15kWh 1281439429.75ft-pd
16kWh 1366868725.07ft-pd
17kWh 1452298020.38ft-pd
18kWh 1537727315.70ft-pd
19kWh 1623156611.01ft-pd
Kilowatt-hours Foot-poundals
20kWh 1708585906.33ft-pd
21kWh 1794015201.65ft-pd
22kWh 1879444496.96ft-pd
23kWh 1964873792.28ft-pd
24kWh 2050303087.60ft-pd
25kWh 2135732382.91ft-pd
26kWh 2221161678.23ft-pd
27kWh 2306590973.55ft-pd
28kWh 2392020268.86ft-pd
29kWh 2477449564.18ft-pd
30kWh 2562878859.50ft-pd
31kWh 2648308154.81ft-pd
32kWh 2733737450.13ft-pd
33kWh 2819166745.45ft-pd
34kWh 2904596040.76ft-pd
35kWh 2990025336.08ft-pd
36kWh 3075454631.40ft-pd
37kWh 3160883926.71ft-pd
38kWh 3246313222.03ft-pd
39kWh 3331742517.35ft-pd
Kilowatt-hours Foot-poundals
40kWh 3417171812.66ft-pd
41kWh 3502601107.98ft-pd
42kWh 3588030403.30ft-pd
43kWh 3673459698.61ft-pd
44kWh 3758888993.93ft-pd
45kWh 3844318289.25ft-pd
46kWh 3929747584.56ft-pd
47kWh 4015176879.88ft-pd
48kWh 4100606175.20ft-pd
49kWh 4186035470.51ft-pd
50kWh 4271464765.83ft-pd
51kWh 4356894061.14ft-pd
52kWh 4442323356.46ft-pd
53kWh 4527752651.78ft-pd
54kWh 4613181947.09ft-pd
55kWh 4698611242.41ft-pd
56kWh 4784040537.73ft-pd
57kWh 4869469833.04ft-pd
58kWh 4954899128.36ft-pd
59kWh 5040328423.68ft-pd