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Kilowatt-hours to Ergs formula

erg =
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A kilowatt hour is equivalent to a power of 1,000 Watts being applied for an hour


Kilowatt-hours to Ergs formula

erg =


One erg is equal to the work done by a force of one dyne, when its point of application moves 1cm in the direction of action


Kilowatt-hours to Ergs table

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Kilowatt-hours Ergs
0kWh 0.00erg
1kWh 35999999712000.01erg
2kWh 71999999424000.02erg
3kWh 107999999136000.03erg
4kWh 143999998848000.03erg
5kWh 179999998560000.03erg
6kWh 215999998272000.06erg
7kWh 251999997984000.06erg
8kWh 287999997696000.06erg
9kWh 323999997408000.06erg
10kWh 359999997120000.06erg
11kWh 395999996832000.06erg
12kWh 431999996544000.12erg
13kWh 467999996256000.12erg
14kWh 503999995968000.12erg
15kWh 539999995680000.12erg
16kWh 575999995392000.12erg
17kWh 611999995104000.12erg
18kWh 647999994816000.12erg
19kWh 683999994528000.12erg
Kilowatt-hours Ergs
20kWh 719999994240000.12erg
21kWh 755999993952000.12erg
22kWh 791999993664000.12erg
23kWh 827999993376000.12erg
24kWh 863999993088000.25erg
25kWh 899999992800000.25erg
26kWh 935999992512000.25erg
27kWh 971999992224000.25erg
28kWh 1007999991936000.25erg
29kWh 1043999991648000.25erg
30kWh 1079999991360000.25erg
31kWh 1115999991072000.25erg
32kWh 1151999990784000.25erg
33kWh 1187999990496000.25erg
34kWh 1223999990208000.25erg
35kWh 1259999989920000.25erg
36kWh 1295999989632000.25erg
37kWh 1331999989344000.25erg
38kWh 1367999989056000.25erg
39kWh 1403999988768000.25erg
Kilowatt-hours Ergs
40kWh 1439999988480000.25erg
41kWh 1475999988192000.25erg
42kWh 1511999987904000.25erg
43kWh 1547999987616000.25erg
44kWh 1583999987328000.25erg
45kWh 1619999987040000.25erg
46kWh 1655999986752000.25erg
47kWh 1691999986464000.25erg
48kWh 1727999986176000.50erg
49kWh 1763999985888000.50erg
50kWh 1799999985600000.50erg
51kWh 1835999985312000.50erg
52kWh 1871999985024000.50erg
53kWh 1907999984736000.50erg
54kWh 1943999984448000.50erg
55kWh 1979999984160000.50erg
56kWh 2015999983872000.50erg
57kWh 2051999983584000.50erg
58kWh 2087999983296000.50erg
59kWh 2123999983008000.50erg