Kilowatt-hours to Calories (Kilogram,I.T.)

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Kilowatt-hours to Calories (Kilogram,I.T.) formula

calIT =
kWh * 859.85
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A kilowatt hour is equivalent to a power of 1,000 Watts being applied for an hour


Kilowatt-hours to Calories (Kilogram,I.T.) formula

calIT =
kWh * 859.85

Calories (Kilogram,I.T.)

The 5th International Conference on the Properties of Steam defined the International Table calorie as 4.1868 J. One Calorie (Kilogram,IT) is 1,000 times this value - 4,186.8 J


Kilowatt-hours to Calories (Kilogram,I.T.) table

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Kilowatt-hours Calories (Kilogram,I.T.)
0kWh 0.00calIT
1kWh 859.85calIT
2kWh 1719.69calIT
3kWh 2579.54calIT
4kWh 3439.38calIT
5kWh 4299.23calIT
6kWh 5159.07calIT
7kWh 6018.92calIT
8kWh 6878.76calIT
9kWh 7738.61calIT
10kWh 8598.45calIT
11kWh 9458.30calIT
12kWh 10318.14calIT
13kWh 11177.99calIT
14kWh 12037.83calIT
15kWh 12897.68calIT
16kWh 13757.52calIT
17kWh 14617.37calIT
18kWh 15477.21calIT
19kWh 16337.06calIT
Kilowatt-hours Calories (Kilogram,I.T.)
20kWh 17196.90calIT
21kWh 18056.75calIT
22kWh 18916.60calIT
23kWh 19776.44calIT
24kWh 20636.29calIT
25kWh 21496.13calIT
26kWh 22355.98calIT
27kWh 23215.82calIT
28kWh 24075.67calIT
29kWh 24935.51calIT
30kWh 25795.36calIT
31kWh 26655.20calIT
32kWh 27515.05calIT
33kWh 28374.89calIT
34kWh 29234.74calIT
35kWh 30094.58calIT
36kWh 30954.43calIT
37kWh 31814.27calIT
38kWh 32674.12calIT
39kWh 33533.96calIT
Kilowatt-hours Calories (Kilogram,I.T.)
40kWh 34393.81calIT
41kWh 35253.65calIT
42kWh 36113.50calIT
43kWh 36973.35calIT
44kWh 37833.19calIT
45kWh 38693.04calIT
46kWh 39552.88calIT
47kWh 40412.73calIT
48kWh 41272.57calIT
49kWh 42132.42calIT
50kWh 42992.26calIT
51kWh 43852.11calIT
52kWh 44711.95calIT
53kWh 45571.80calIT
54kWh 46431.64calIT
55kWh 47291.49calIT
56kWh 48151.33calIT
57kWh 49011.18calIT
58kWh 49871.02calIT
59kWh 50730.87calIT