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Kilowatt-hours to Btu (thermoc.) formula

Btu (thermoc.) =
kWh * 3414.4
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A kilowatt hour is equivalent to a power of 1,000 Watts being applied for an hour


Kilowatt-hours to Btu (thermoc.) formula

Btu (thermoc.) =
kWh * 3414.4

Btu (thermoc.)

One BTU is the energy required to heat 1 avoirdupois pound of liquid water by 1 degree Fahrenheit, at a pressure of one atmosphere. The Btu (thermoc.) Uses the thermochemical calorie of exactly 4.184 J


Kilowatt-hours to Btu (thermoc.) table

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Kilowatt-hours Btu (thermoc.)
0kWh 0.00Btu (thermoc.)
1kWh 3414.43Btu (thermoc.)
2kWh 6828.85Btu (thermoc.)
3kWh 10243.28Btu (thermoc.)
4kWh 13657.70Btu (thermoc.)
5kWh 17072.13Btu (thermoc.)
6kWh 20486.55Btu (thermoc.)
7kWh 23900.98Btu (thermoc.)
8kWh 27315.40Btu (thermoc.)
9kWh 30729.83Btu (thermoc.)
10kWh 34144.25Btu (thermoc.)
11kWh 37558.68Btu (thermoc.)
12kWh 40973.10Btu (thermoc.)
13kWh 44387.53Btu (thermoc.)
14kWh 47801.95Btu (thermoc.)
15kWh 51216.38Btu (thermoc.)
16kWh 54630.80Btu (thermoc.)
17kWh 58045.23Btu (thermoc.)
18kWh 61459.65Btu (thermoc.)
19kWh 64874.08Btu (thermoc.)
Kilowatt-hours Btu (thermoc.)
20kWh 68288.50Btu (thermoc.)
21kWh 71702.93Btu (thermoc.)
22kWh 75117.35Btu (thermoc.)
23kWh 78531.78Btu (thermoc.)
24kWh 81946.20Btu (thermoc.)
25kWh 85360.63Btu (thermoc.)
26kWh 88775.05Btu (thermoc.)
27kWh 92189.48Btu (thermoc.)
28kWh 95603.90Btu (thermoc.)
29kWh 99018.33Btu (thermoc.)
30kWh 102432.75Btu (thermoc.)
31kWh 105847.18Btu (thermoc.)
32kWh 109261.60Btu (thermoc.)
33kWh 112676.03Btu (thermoc.)
34kWh 116090.45Btu (thermoc.)
35kWh 119504.88Btu (thermoc.)
36kWh 122919.30Btu (thermoc.)
37kWh 126333.73Btu (thermoc.)
38kWh 129748.15Btu (thermoc.)
39kWh 133162.58Btu (thermoc.)
Kilowatt-hours Btu (thermoc.)
40kWh 136577.00Btu (thermoc.)
41kWh 139991.43Btu (thermoc.)
42kWh 143405.85Btu (thermoc.)
43kWh 146820.28Btu (thermoc.)
44kWh 150234.70Btu (thermoc.)
45kWh 153649.13Btu (thermoc.)
46kWh 157063.55Btu (thermoc.)
47kWh 160477.98Btu (thermoc.)
48kWh 163892.40Btu (thermoc.)
49kWh 167306.83Btu (thermoc.)
50kWh 170721.25Btu (thermoc.)
51kWh 174135.68Btu (thermoc.)
52kWh 177550.10Btu (thermoc.)
53kWh 180964.53Btu (thermoc.)
54kWh 184378.95Btu (thermoc.)
55kWh 187793.38Btu (thermoc.)
56kWh 191207.80Btu (thermoc.)
57kWh 194622.23Btu (thermoc.)
58kWh 198036.65Btu (thermoc.)
59kWh 201451.08Btu (thermoc.)