Kilotons (metric, explosive energy) to Therms (UK) conversion

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Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) to Therms (UK) formula

Therm(UK) =
kt * 39657
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Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) to Therms (UK) formula

Therm(UK) =
kt * 39657

Therms (UK)

1 Therm(UK) = 105,505,585.257 348 joules = 29.30710701583 kWh


Kilotons (metric, explosive energy) to Therms (UK) table

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Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Therms (UK)
0kt 0.00Therm(UK)
1kt 39656.67Therm(UK)
2kt 79313.34Therm(UK)
3kt 118970.00Therm(UK)
4kt 158626.67Therm(UK)
5kt 198283.34Therm(UK)
6kt 237940.01Therm(UK)
7kt 277596.67Therm(UK)
8kt 317253.34Therm(UK)
9kt 356910.01Therm(UK)
10kt 396566.68Therm(UK)
11kt 436223.34Therm(UK)
12kt 475880.01Therm(UK)
13kt 515536.68Therm(UK)
14kt 555193.35Therm(UK)
15kt 594850.01Therm(UK)
16kt 634506.68Therm(UK)
17kt 674163.35Therm(UK)
18kt 713820.02Therm(UK)
19kt 753476.69Therm(UK)
Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Therms (UK)
20kt 793133.35Therm(UK)
21kt 832790.02Therm(UK)
22kt 872446.69Therm(UK)
23kt 912103.36Therm(UK)
24kt 951760.02Therm(UK)
25kt 991416.69Therm(UK)
26kt 1031073.36Therm(UK)
27kt 1070730.03Therm(UK)
28kt 1110386.69Therm(UK)
29kt 1150043.36Therm(UK)
30kt 1189700.03Therm(UK)
31kt 1229356.70Therm(UK)
32kt 1269013.37Therm(UK)
33kt 1308670.03Therm(UK)
34kt 1348326.70Therm(UK)
35kt 1387983.37Therm(UK)
36kt 1427640.04Therm(UK)
37kt 1467296.70Therm(UK)
38kt 1506953.37Therm(UK)
39kt 1546610.04Therm(UK)
Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Therms (UK)
40kt 1586266.71Therm(UK)
41kt 1625923.37Therm(UK)
42kt 1665580.04Therm(UK)
43kt 1705236.71Therm(UK)
44kt 1744893.38Therm(UK)
45kt 1784550.04Therm(UK)
46kt 1824206.71Therm(UK)
47kt 1863863.38Therm(UK)
48kt 1903520.05Therm(UK)
49kt 1943176.72Therm(UK)
50kt 1982833.38Therm(UK)
51kt 2022490.05Therm(UK)
52kt 2062146.72Therm(UK)
53kt 2101803.39Therm(UK)
54kt 2141460.05Therm(UK)
55kt 2181116.72Therm(UK)
56kt 2220773.39Therm(UK)
57kt 2260430.06Therm(UK)
58kt 2300086.72Therm(UK)
59kt 2339743.39Therm(UK)