Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) to Calories (Kilogram,mean)

Calories (Kilogram,mean) to Kilotons (metric, explosive energy) (Swap Units)


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Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) to Calories (Kilogram,mean) formula

Calorie (Kilogram,mean) =
kt * 998560000
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More information: Calories (Kilogram,mean)


Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) to Calories (Kilogram,mean) formula

Calorie (Kilogram,mean) =
kt * 998560000

Calories (Kilogram,mean)

One calorie (Kilogram,mean) is the amount of energy needed to heat one kg of air-free water from 0 to 100°C at standard atmospheric pressure, divided by 100.It's value is 4,190.02 J


Kilotons (metric, explosive energy) to Calories (Kilogram,mean) table

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Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Calories (Kilogram,mean)
0kt 0.00Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
1kt 998563256.26Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
2kt 1997126512.53Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
3kt 2995689768.79Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
4kt 3994253025.05Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
5kt 4992816281.32Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
6kt 5991379537.58Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
7kt 6989942793.84Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
8kt 7988506050.11Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
9kt 8987069306.37Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
10kt 9985632562.63Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
11kt 10984195818.90Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
12kt 11982759075.16Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
13kt 12981322331.42Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
14kt 13979885587.69Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
15kt 14978448843.95Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
16kt 15977012100.21Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
17kt 16975575356.47Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
18kt 17974138612.74Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
19kt 18972701869.00Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Calories (Kilogram,mean)
20kt 19971265125.26Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
21kt 20969828381.53Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
22kt 21968391637.79Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
23kt 22966954894.05Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
24kt 23965518150.32Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
25kt 24964081406.58Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
26kt 25962644662.84Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
27kt 26961207919.11Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
28kt 27959771175.37Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
29kt 28958334431.63Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
30kt 29956897687.90Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
31kt 30955460944.16Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
32kt 31954024200.42Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
33kt 32952587456.69Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
34kt 33951150712.95Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
35kt 34949713969.21Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
36kt 35948277225.48Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
37kt 36946840481.74Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
38kt 37945403738.00Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
39kt 38943966994.27Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Calories (Kilogram,mean)
40kt 39942530250.53Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
41kt 40941093506.79Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
42kt 41939656763.06Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
43kt 42938220019.32Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
44kt 43936783275.58Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
45kt 44935346531.84Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
46kt 45933909788.11Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
47kt 46932473044.37Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
48kt 47931036300.63Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
49kt 48929599556.90Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
50kt 49928162813.16Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
51kt 50926726069.42Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
52kt 51925289325.69Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
53kt 52923852581.95Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
54kt 53922415838.21Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
55kt 54920979094.48Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
56kt 55919542350.74Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
57kt 56918105607.00Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
58kt 57916668863.27Calorie (Kilogram,mean)
59kt 58915232119.53Calorie (Kilogram,mean)