Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) to Calories (15°C,CIPM, 1950)

Calories (15 °C, CIPM, 1950) to Kilotons (metric, explosive energy) (Swap Units)


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Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) to Calories (15°C,CIPM, 1950) formula

cal15 =
kt * 999640000000
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Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) to Calories (15°C,CIPM, 1950) formula

cal15 =
kt * 999640000000

Calories (15°C,CIPM, 1950)

The International Committee for Weights and Measures have defined one cal15 is the ammount of heat energy needed to raise the temperature of 1g of water from 14.5°C to 15.5°C


Kilotons (metric, explosive energy) to Calories (15 °C, CIPM, 1950) table

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Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Calories (15°C,CIPM, 1950)
0kt 0.00cal15
1kt 999641598565.79cal15
2kt 1999283197131.58cal15
3kt 2998924795697.38cal15
4kt 3998566394263.17cal15
5kt 4998207992828.96cal15
6kt 5997849591394.75cal15
7kt 6997491189960.54cal15
8kt 7997132788526.34cal15
9kt 8996774387092.13cal15
10kt 9996415985657.92cal15
11kt 10996057584223.71cal15
12kt 11995699182789.50cal15
13kt 12995340781355.30cal15
14kt 13994982379921.09cal15
15kt 14994623978486.88cal15
16kt 15994265577052.67cal15
17kt 16993907175618.46cal15
18kt 17993548774184.26cal15
19kt 18993190372750.05cal15
Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Calories (15°C,CIPM, 1950)
20kt 19992831971315.84cal15
21kt 20992473569881.63cal15
22kt 21992115168447.42cal15
23kt 22991756767013.21cal15
24kt 23991398365579.01cal15
25kt 24991039964144.80cal15
26kt 25990681562710.59cal15
27kt 26990323161276.38cal15
28kt 27989964759842.18cal15
29kt 28989606358407.97cal15
30kt 29989247956973.76cal15
31kt 30988889555539.55cal15
32kt 31988531154105.34cal15
33kt 32988172752671.14cal15
34kt 33987814351236.93cal15
35kt 34987455949802.72cal15
36kt 35987097548368.52cal15
37kt 36986739146934.30cal15
38kt 37986380745500.09cal15
39kt 38986022344065.89cal15
Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Calories (15°C,CIPM, 1950)
40kt 39985663942631.68cal15
41kt 40985305541197.47cal15
42kt 41984947139763.27cal15
43kt 42984588738329.05cal15
44kt 43984230336894.84cal15
45kt 44983871935460.64cal15
46kt 45983513534026.43cal15
47kt 46983155132592.23cal15
48kt 47982796731158.02cal15
49kt 48982438329723.80cal15
50kt 49982079928289.60cal15
51kt 50981721526855.39cal15
52kt 51981363125421.19cal15
53kt 52981004723986.98cal15
54kt 53980646322552.77cal15
55kt 54980287921118.56cal15
56kt 55979929519684.35cal15
57kt 56979571118250.14cal15
58kt 57979212716815.94cal15
59kt 58978854315381.73cal15