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Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) to Btu (mean) formula

Btu (mean) =
kt * 3962600000
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Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) to Btu (mean) formula

Btu (mean) =
kt * 3962600000

Btu (mean)

One BTU is the energy required to heat 1 avoirdupois pound of liquid water by 1 degree Fahrenheit, at a pressure of one atmosphere. The Btu (mean) uses a result averaged over water temperatures 0 to 100 °C (32.0 to 212.0 °F) which is approx. 1055.87 J


Kilotons (metric, explosive energy) to Btu (mean) table

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Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Btu (mean)
0kt 0.00Btu (mean)
1kt 3962608973.32Btu (mean)
2kt 7925217946.65Btu (mean)
3kt 11887826919.97Btu (mean)
4kt 15850435893.30Btu (mean)
5kt 19813044866.62Btu (mean)
6kt 23775653839.95Btu (mean)
7kt 27738262813.27Btu (mean)
8kt 31700871786.59Btu (mean)
9kt 35663480759.92Btu (mean)
10kt 39626089733.24Btu (mean)
11kt 43588698706.57Btu (mean)
12kt 47551307679.89Btu (mean)
13kt 51513916653.22Btu (mean)
14kt 55476525626.54Btu (mean)
15kt 59439134599.86Btu (mean)
16kt 63401743573.19Btu (mean)
17kt 67364352546.51Btu (mean)
18kt 71326961519.84Btu (mean)
19kt 75289570493.16Btu (mean)
Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Btu (mean)
20kt 79252179466.48Btu (mean)
21kt 83214788439.81Btu (mean)
22kt 87177397413.13Btu (mean)
23kt 91140006386.46Btu (mean)
24kt 95102615359.78Btu (mean)
25kt 99065224333.11Btu (mean)
26kt 103027833306.43Btu (mean)
27kt 106990442279.75Btu (mean)
28kt 110953051253.08Btu (mean)
29kt 114915660226.40Btu (mean)
30kt 118878269199.73Btu (mean)
31kt 122840878173.05Btu (mean)
32kt 126803487146.38Btu (mean)
33kt 130766096119.70Btu (mean)
34kt 134728705093.02Btu (mean)
35kt 138691314066.35Btu (mean)
36kt 142653923039.67Btu (mean)
37kt 146616532013.00Btu (mean)
38kt 150579140986.32Btu (mean)
39kt 154541749959.65Btu (mean)
Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Btu (mean)
40kt 158504358932.97Btu (mean)
41kt 162466967906.29Btu (mean)
42kt 166429576879.62Btu (mean)
43kt 170392185852.94Btu (mean)
44kt 174354794826.27Btu (mean)
45kt 178317403799.59Btu (mean)
46kt 182280012772.92Btu (mean)
47kt 186242621746.24Btu (mean)
48kt 190205230719.56Btu (mean)
49kt 194167839692.89Btu (mean)
50kt 198130448666.21Btu (mean)
51kt 202093057639.54Btu (mean)
52kt 206055666612.86Btu (mean)
53kt 210018275586.18Btu (mean)
54kt 213980884559.51Btu (mean)
55kt 217943493532.83Btu (mean)
56kt 221906102506.16Btu (mean)
57kt 225868711479.48Btu (mean)
58kt 229831320452.81Btu (mean)
59kt 233793929426.13Btu (mean)