Kilotons (metric, explosive energy) to Btu (I.T.) conversion

Btu (I.T.) to Kilotons (metric, explosive energy) (Swap Units)


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Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) to Btu (I.T.) formula

Btu (I.T.) =
kt * 3965700000
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Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) to Btu (I.T.) formula

Btu (I.T.) =
kt * 3965700000

Btu (I.T.)

One BTU (IT) was defined by the Fifth International Conference on the Properties of Steam to be exactly 4.1868 J


Kilotons (metric, explosive energy) to Btu (I.T.) table

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Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Btu (I.T.)
0kt 0.00Btu (I.T.)
1kt 3965666765.99Btu (I.T.)
2kt 7931333531.99Btu (I.T.)
3kt 11897000297.98Btu (I.T.)
4kt 15862667063.98Btu (I.T.)
5kt 19828333829.97Btu (I.T.)
6kt 23794000595.97Btu (I.T.)
7kt 27759667361.96Btu (I.T.)
8kt 31725334127.96Btu (I.T.)
9kt 35691000893.95Btu (I.T.)
10kt 39656667659.95Btu (I.T.)
11kt 43622334425.94Btu (I.T.)
12kt 47588001191.94Btu (I.T.)
13kt 51553667957.93Btu (I.T.)
14kt 55519334723.93Btu (I.T.)
15kt 59485001489.92Btu (I.T.)
16kt 63450668255.92Btu (I.T.)
17kt 67416335021.91Btu (I.T.)
18kt 71382001787.91Btu (I.T.)
19kt 75347668553.90Btu (I.T.)
Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Btu (I.T.)
20kt 79313335319.90Btu (I.T.)
21kt 83279002085.89Btu (I.T.)
22kt 87244668851.89Btu (I.T.)
23kt 91210335617.88Btu (I.T.)
24kt 95176002383.88Btu (I.T.)
25kt 99141669149.87Btu (I.T.)
26kt 103107335915.87Btu (I.T.)
27kt 107073002681.86Btu (I.T.)
28kt 111038669447.86Btu (I.T.)
29kt 115004336213.85Btu (I.T.)
30kt 118970002979.84Btu (I.T.)
31kt 122935669745.84Btu (I.T.)
32kt 126901336511.83Btu (I.T.)
33kt 130867003277.83Btu (I.T.)
34kt 134832670043.82Btu (I.T.)
35kt 138798336809.82Btu (I.T.)
36kt 142764003575.81Btu (I.T.)
37kt 146729670341.81Btu (I.T.)
38kt 150695337107.80Btu (I.T.)
39kt 154661003873.80Btu (I.T.)
Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Btu (I.T.)
40kt 158626670639.79Btu (I.T.)
41kt 162592337405.79Btu (I.T.)
42kt 166558004171.78Btu (I.T.)
43kt 170523670937.78Btu (I.T.)
44kt 174489337703.77Btu (I.T.)
45kt 178455004469.77Btu (I.T.)
46kt 182420671235.76Btu (I.T.)
47kt 186386338001.76Btu (I.T.)
48kt 190352004767.75Btu (I.T.)
49kt 194317671533.75Btu (I.T.)
50kt 198283338299.74Btu (I.T.)
51kt 202249005065.74Btu (I.T.)
52kt 206214671831.73Btu (I.T.)
53kt 210180338597.73Btu (I.T.)
54kt 214146005363.72Btu (I.T.)
55kt 218111672129.72Btu (I.T.)
56kt 222077338895.71Btu (I.T.)
57kt 226043005661.71Btu (I.T.)
58kt 230008672427.70Btu (I.T.)
59kt 233974339193.69Btu (I.T.)