Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) to Btu (I.T., pre-1956)

Btu (I.T., pre-1956) to Kilotons (metric, explosive energy) (Swap Units)


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Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) to Btu (I.T., pre-1956) formula

Btu (I.T., pre-1956) =
kt * 3965700000
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Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) to Btu (I.T., pre-1956) formula

Btu (I.T., pre-1956) =
kt * 3965700000


Kilotons (metric, explosive energy) to Btu (I.T., pre-1956) table

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Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
0kt 0.00Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
1kt 3965726346.15Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
2kt 7931452692.31Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
3kt 11897179038.46Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
4kt 15862905384.62Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
5kt 19828631730.77Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
6kt 23794358076.92Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
7kt 27760084423.08Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
8kt 31725810769.23Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
9kt 35691537115.38Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
10kt 39657263461.54Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
11kt 43622989807.69Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
12kt 47588716153.85Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
13kt 51554442500.00Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
14kt 55520168846.15Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
15kt 59485895192.31Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
16kt 63451621538.46Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
17kt 67417347884.62Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
18kt 71383074230.77Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
19kt 75348800576.92Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
20kt 79314526923.08Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
21kt 83280253269.23Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
22kt 87245979615.38Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
23kt 91211705961.54Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
24kt 95177432307.69Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
25kt 99143158653.85Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
26kt 103108885000.00Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
27kt 107074611346.15Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
28kt 111040337692.31Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
29kt 115006064038.46Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
30kt 118971790384.62Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
31kt 122937516730.77Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
32kt 126903243076.92Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
33kt 130868969423.08Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
34kt 134834695769.23Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
35kt 138800422115.39Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
36kt 142766148461.54Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
37kt 146731874807.69Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
38kt 150697601153.85Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
39kt 154663327500.00Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
Kilotons (metric,explosive energy) Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
40kt 158629053846.15Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
41kt 162594780192.31Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
42kt 166560506538.46Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
43kt 170526232884.62Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
44kt 174491959230.77Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
45kt 178457685576.92Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
46kt 182423411923.08Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
47kt 186389138269.23Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
48kt 190354864615.39Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
49kt 194320590961.54Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
50kt 198286317307.69Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
51kt 202252043653.85Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
52kt 206217770000.00Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
53kt 210183496346.15Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
54kt 214149222692.31Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
55kt 218114949038.46Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
56kt 222080675384.62Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
57kt 226046401730.77Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
58kt 230012128076.92Btu (I.T., pre-1956)
59kt 233977854423.08Btu (I.T., pre-1956)