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Joules to Electron-volts formula

eV =
J * 6241500000000000000
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One Joule is 1 Newton Metre, ie the work done or energy transfered to an object when a one Newton force acts on it over one metre. It can also be defined as the heat energy dissipated by a current of one ampere passing through a one Ohm resistor for one second


Joules to Electron-volts formula

eV =
J * 6241500000000000000


One electron volt is the energy acquired by an electron when accelerated through a potential difference of 1 volt.It is equal to 1.602 × 10−19 joules.


Joules to Electron-volts table

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Joules Electron-volts
0J 0.00eV
1J 6241509700000000000.00eV
2J 12483019400000000000.00eV
3J 18724529100000002048.00eV
4J 24966038800000000000.00eV
5J 31207548499999997952.00eV
6J 37449058200000004096.00eV
7J 43690567900000002048.00eV
8J 49932077600000000000.00eV
9J 56173587299999997952.00eV
10J 62415096999999995904.00eV
11J 68656606700000002048.00eV
12J 74898116400000008192.00eV
13J 81139626099999997952.00eV
14J 87381135800000004096.00eV
15J 93622645499999993856.00eV
16J 99864155200000000000.00eV
17J 106105664900000006144.00eV
18J 112347174599999995904.00eV
19J 118588684300000002048.00eV
Joules Electron-volts
20J 124830193999999991808.00eV
21J 131071703699999997952.00eV
22J 137313213400000004096.00eV
23J 143554723099999993856.00eV
24J 149796232800000016384.00eV
25J 156037742500000006144.00eV
26J 162279252199999995904.00eV
27J 168520761899999985664.00eV
28J 174762271600000008192.00eV
29J 181003781299999997952.00eV
30J 187245290999999987712.00eV
31J 193486800700000010240.00eV
32J 199728310400000000000.00eV
33J 205969820099999989760.00eV
34J 212211329800000012288.00eV
35J 218452839500000002048.00eV
36J 224694349199999991808.00eV
37J 230935858900000014336.00eV
38J 237177368600000004096.00eV
39J 243418878299999993856.00eV
Joules Electron-volts
40J 249660387999999983616.00eV
41J 255901897700000006144.00eV
42J 262143407399999995904.00eV
43J 268384917099999985664.00eV
44J 274626426800000008192.00eV
45J 280867936499999997952.00eV
46J 287109446199999987712.00eV
47J 293350955900000010240.00eV
48J 299592465600000032768.00eV
49J 305833975299999989760.00eV
50J 312075485000000012288.00eV
51J 318316994699999969280.00eV
52J 324558504399999991808.00eV
53J 330800014100000014336.00eV
54J 337041523799999971328.00eV
55J 343283033499999993856.00eV
56J 349524543200000016384.00eV
57J 355766052899999973376.00eV
58J 362007562599999995904.00eV
59J 368249072300000018432.00eV