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Foot-pounds to Megaelectron-volts formula

MeV =
ft-lb * 8462400000000
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One foot pound is the work done by a force of one pounl acting through a distance of one foot, in the direction of the force. It equates to 1.355 817 948 331 4004 joules


Foot-pounds to Megaelectron-volts formula

MeV =
ft-lb * 8462400000000


One megaelectron volt is the energy acquired by an electron when accelerated through a potential difference of 1,000,000 volts.It is equal to 1.602 × 10−13 joules.


Foot-pounds to Megaelectron-volts table

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Foot-pounds Megaelectron-volts
0ft-lb 0.00MeV
1ft-lb 8462350867652.31MeV
2ft-lb 16924701735304.61MeV
3ft-lb 25387052602956.92MeV
4ft-lb 33849403470609.22MeV
5ft-lb 42311754338261.53MeV
6ft-lb 50774105205913.84MeV
7ft-lb 59236456073566.14MeV
8ft-lb 67698806941218.45MeV
9ft-lb 76161157808870.75MeV
10ft-lb 84623508676523.06MeV
11ft-lb 93085859544175.36MeV
12ft-lb 101548210411827.67MeV
13ft-lb 110010561279479.97MeV
14ft-lb 118472912147132.28MeV
15ft-lb 126935263014784.58MeV
16ft-lb 135397613882436.89MeV
17ft-lb 143859964750089.19MeV
18ft-lb 152322315617741.50MeV
19ft-lb 160784666485393.81MeV
Foot-pounds Megaelectron-volts
20ft-lb 169247017353046.12MeV
21ft-lb 177709368220698.41MeV
22ft-lb 186171719088350.72MeV
23ft-lb 194634069956003.03MeV
24ft-lb 203096420823655.34MeV
25ft-lb 211558771691307.66MeV
26ft-lb 220021122558959.94MeV
27ft-lb 228483473426612.25MeV
28ft-lb 236945824294264.56MeV
29ft-lb 245408175161916.88MeV
30ft-lb 253870526029569.16MeV
31ft-lb 262332876897221.47MeV
32ft-lb 270795227764873.78MeV
33ft-lb 279257578632526.09MeV
34ft-lb 287719929500178.38MeV
35ft-lb 296182280367830.69MeV
36ft-lb 304644631235483.00MeV
37ft-lb 313106982103135.31MeV
38ft-lb 321569332970787.62MeV
39ft-lb 330031683838439.94MeV
Foot-pounds Megaelectron-volts
40ft-lb 338494034706092.25MeV
41ft-lb 346956385573744.56MeV
42ft-lb 355418736441396.81MeV
43ft-lb 363881087309049.12MeV
44ft-lb 372343438176701.44MeV
45ft-lb 380805789044353.75MeV
46ft-lb 389268139912006.06MeV
47ft-lb 397730490779658.38MeV
48ft-lb 406192841647310.69MeV
49ft-lb 414655192514963.00MeV
50ft-lb 423117543382615.31MeV
51ft-lb 431579894250267.56MeV
52ft-lb 440042245117919.88MeV
53ft-lb 448504595985572.19MeV
54ft-lb 456966946853224.50MeV
55ft-lb 465429297720876.81MeV
56ft-lb 473891648588529.12MeV
57ft-lb 482353999456181.44MeV
58ft-lb 490816350323833.75MeV
59ft-lb 499278701191486.06MeV