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Foot-poundals to Megaelectron-volts formula

MeV =
ft-pd * 263020000000
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A foot poundal is the work done by a force of one poundal acting through a distance of one foot, in the direction of the force. It equates to 0.0421401100938048 J


Foot-poundals to Megaelectron-volts formula

MeV =
ft-pd * 263020000000


One megaelectron volt is the energy acquired by an electron when accelerated through a potential difference of 1,000,000 volts.It is equal to 1.602 × 10−13 joules.


Foot-poundals to Megaelectron-volts table

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Foot-poundals Megaelectron-volts
0ft-pd 0.00MeV
1ft-pd 263017910389.90MeV
2ft-pd 526035820779.79MeV
3ft-pd 789053731169.69MeV
4ft-pd 1052071641559.59MeV
5ft-pd 1315089551949.49MeV
6ft-pd 1578107462339.38MeV
7ft-pd 1841125372729.28MeV
8ft-pd 2104143283119.18MeV
9ft-pd 2367161193509.07MeV
10ft-pd 2630179103898.97MeV
11ft-pd 2893197014288.87MeV
12ft-pd 3156214924678.77MeV
13ft-pd 3419232835068.66MeV
14ft-pd 3682250745458.56MeV
15ft-pd 3945268655848.46MeV
16ft-pd 4208286566238.35MeV
17ft-pd 4471304476628.25MeV
18ft-pd 4734322387018.15MeV
19ft-pd 4997340297408.05MeV
Foot-poundals Megaelectron-volts
20ft-pd 5260358207797.94MeV
21ft-pd 5523376118187.84MeV
22ft-pd 5786394028577.74MeV
23ft-pd 6049411938967.64MeV
24ft-pd 6312429849357.53MeV
25ft-pd 6575447759747.43MeV
26ft-pd 6838465670137.33MeV
27ft-pd 7101483580527.22MeV
28ft-pd 7364501490917.12MeV
29ft-pd 7627519401307.02MeV
30ft-pd 7890537311696.92MeV
31ft-pd 8153555222086.81MeV
32ft-pd 8416573132476.71MeV
33ft-pd 8679591042866.61MeV
34ft-pd 8942608953256.50MeV
35ft-pd 9205626863646.40MeV
36ft-pd 9468644774036.30MeV
37ft-pd 9731662684426.20MeV
38ft-pd 9994680594816.09MeV
39ft-pd 10257698505205.99MeV
Foot-poundals Megaelectron-volts
40ft-pd 10520716415595.89MeV
41ft-pd 10783734325985.79MeV
42ft-pd 11046752236375.68MeV
43ft-pd 11309770146765.58MeV
44ft-pd 11572788057155.48MeV
45ft-pd 11835805967545.37MeV
46ft-pd 12098823877935.27MeV
47ft-pd 12361841788325.17MeV
48ft-pd 12624859698715.06MeV
49ft-pd 12887877609104.96MeV
50ft-pd 13150895519494.86MeV
51ft-pd 13413913429884.76MeV
52ft-pd 13676931340274.65MeV
53ft-pd 13939949250664.55MeV
54ft-pd 14202967161054.45MeV
55ft-pd 14465985071444.35MeV
56ft-pd 14729002981834.24MeV
57ft-pd 14992020892224.14MeV
58ft-pd 15255038802614.04MeV
59ft-pd 15518056713003.93MeV