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Foot-poundals to Ergs formula

erg =
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A foot poundal is the work done by a force of one poundal acting through a distance of one foot, in the direction of the force. It equates to 0.0421401100938048 J


Foot-poundals to Ergs formula

erg =


One erg is equal to the work done by a force of one dyne, when its point of application moves 1cm in the direction of action


Foot-poundals to Ergs table

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Foot-poundals Ergs
0ft-pd 0.00erg
1ft-pd 421401.11erg
2ft-pd 842802.22erg
3ft-pd 1264203.32erg
4ft-pd 1685604.43erg
5ft-pd 2107005.54erg
6ft-pd 2528406.65erg
7ft-pd 2949807.76erg
8ft-pd 3371208.86erg
9ft-pd 3792609.97erg
10ft-pd 4214011.08erg
11ft-pd 4635412.19erg
12ft-pd 5056813.30erg
13ft-pd 5478214.41erg
14ft-pd 5899615.51erg
15ft-pd 6321016.62erg
16ft-pd 6742417.73erg
17ft-pd 7163818.84erg
18ft-pd 7585219.95erg
19ft-pd 8006621.05erg
Foot-poundals Ergs
20ft-pd 8428022.16erg
21ft-pd 8849423.27erg
22ft-pd 9270824.38erg
23ft-pd 9692225.49erg
24ft-pd 10113626.59erg
25ft-pd 10535027.70erg
26ft-pd 10956428.81erg
27ft-pd 11377829.92erg
28ft-pd 11799231.03erg
29ft-pd 12220632.14erg
30ft-pd 12642033.24erg
31ft-pd 13063434.35erg
32ft-pd 13484835.46erg
33ft-pd 13906236.57erg
34ft-pd 14327637.68erg
35ft-pd 14749038.78erg
36ft-pd 15170439.89erg
37ft-pd 15591841.00erg
38ft-pd 16013242.11erg
39ft-pd 16434643.22erg
Foot-poundals Ergs
40ft-pd 16856044.32erg
41ft-pd 17277445.43erg
42ft-pd 17698846.54erg
43ft-pd 18120247.65erg
44ft-pd 18541648.76erg
45ft-pd 18963049.87erg
46ft-pd 19384450.97erg
47ft-pd 19805852.08erg
48ft-pd 20227253.19erg
49ft-pd 20648654.30erg
50ft-pd 21070055.41erg
51ft-pd 21491456.51erg
52ft-pd 21912857.62erg
53ft-pd 22334258.73erg
54ft-pd 22755659.84erg
55ft-pd 23177060.95erg
56ft-pd 23598462.05erg
57ft-pd 24019863.16erg
58ft-pd 24441264.27erg
59ft-pd 24862665.38erg