Foot-poundals to Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939) conversion

Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939) to Foot-poundals (Swap Units)


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Foot-poundals to Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939) formula

cal(NBS) =
ft-pd * 0.010067
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A foot poundal is the work done by a force of one poundal acting through a distance of one foot, in the direction of the force. It equates to 0.0421401100938048 J


Foot-poundals to Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939) formula

cal(NBS) =
ft-pd * 0.010067

Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939)

The National Bureau of Standards (NBS, now known as The National Institute of Standards and Technology) defined the cal15 as being the ammount of energy needed to warm 1g of water from 14.5°C to 15.5°C


Foot-poundals to Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939) table

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Foot-poundals Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939)
0ft-pd 0.00cal(NBS)
1ft-pd 0.01cal(NBS)
2ft-pd 0.02cal(NBS)
3ft-pd 0.03cal(NBS)
4ft-pd 0.04cal(NBS)
5ft-pd 0.05cal(NBS)
6ft-pd 0.06cal(NBS)
7ft-pd 0.07cal(NBS)
8ft-pd 0.08cal(NBS)
9ft-pd 0.09cal(NBS)
10ft-pd 0.10cal(NBS)
11ft-pd 0.11cal(NBS)
12ft-pd 0.12cal(NBS)
13ft-pd 0.13cal(NBS)
14ft-pd 0.14cal(NBS)
15ft-pd 0.15cal(NBS)
16ft-pd 0.16cal(NBS)
17ft-pd 0.17cal(NBS)
18ft-pd 0.18cal(NBS)
19ft-pd 0.19cal(NBS)
Foot-poundals Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939)
20ft-pd 0.20cal(NBS)
21ft-pd 0.21cal(NBS)
22ft-pd 0.22cal(NBS)
23ft-pd 0.23cal(NBS)
24ft-pd 0.24cal(NBS)
25ft-pd 0.25cal(NBS)
26ft-pd 0.26cal(NBS)
27ft-pd 0.27cal(NBS)
28ft-pd 0.28cal(NBS)
29ft-pd 0.29cal(NBS)
30ft-pd 0.30cal(NBS)
31ft-pd 0.31cal(NBS)
32ft-pd 0.32cal(NBS)
33ft-pd 0.33cal(NBS)
34ft-pd 0.34cal(NBS)
35ft-pd 0.35cal(NBS)
36ft-pd 0.36cal(NBS)
37ft-pd 0.37cal(NBS)
38ft-pd 0.38cal(NBS)
39ft-pd 0.39cal(NBS)
Foot-poundals Calories (15 °C, NBS 1939)
40ft-pd 0.40cal(NBS)
41ft-pd 0.41cal(NBS)
42ft-pd 0.42cal(NBS)
43ft-pd 0.43cal(NBS)
44ft-pd 0.44cal(NBS)
45ft-pd 0.45cal(NBS)
46ft-pd 0.46cal(NBS)
47ft-pd 0.47cal(NBS)
48ft-pd 0.48cal(NBS)
49ft-pd 0.49cal(NBS)
50ft-pd 0.50cal(NBS)
51ft-pd 0.51cal(NBS)
52ft-pd 0.52cal(NBS)
53ft-pd 0.53cal(NBS)
54ft-pd 0.54cal(NBS)
55ft-pd 0.55cal(NBS)
56ft-pd 0.56cal(NBS)
57ft-pd 0.57cal(NBS)
58ft-pd 0.58cal(NBS)
59ft-pd 0.59cal(NBS)