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Calories (nutritional) to Foot-poundals formula

ft-pd =
Calorie (nutritional) * 99288
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Calories (nutritional)

One nutritional calorie is the amount of energy needed to warm 1 kilogram of water by 1° C. It is equal to 4,184 J


Calories (nutritional) to Foot-poundals formula

ft-pd =
Calorie (nutritional) * 99288


A foot poundal is the work done by a force of one poundal acting through a distance of one foot, in the direction of the force. It equates to 0.0421401100938048 J


Calories (nutritional) to Foot-poundals table

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Calories (nutritional) Foot-poundals
0Calorie (nutritional) 0.00ft-pd
1Calorie (nutritional) 99287.82ft-pd
2Calorie (nutritional) 198575.65ft-pd
3Calorie (nutritional) 297863.47ft-pd
4Calorie (nutritional) 397151.30ft-pd
5Calorie (nutritional) 496439.12ft-pd
6Calorie (nutritional) 595726.95ft-pd
7Calorie (nutritional) 695014.77ft-pd
8Calorie (nutritional) 794302.60ft-pd
9Calorie (nutritional) 893590.42ft-pd
10Calorie (nutritional) 992878.25ft-pd
11Calorie (nutritional) 1092166.07ft-pd
12Calorie (nutritional) 1191453.90ft-pd
13Calorie (nutritional) 1290741.72ft-pd
14Calorie (nutritional) 1390029.54ft-pd
15Calorie (nutritional) 1489317.37ft-pd
16Calorie (nutritional) 1588605.19ft-pd
17Calorie (nutritional) 1687893.02ft-pd
18Calorie (nutritional) 1787180.84ft-pd
19Calorie (nutritional) 1886468.67ft-pd
Calories (nutritional) Foot-poundals
20Calorie (nutritional) 1985756.49ft-pd
21Calorie (nutritional) 2085044.32ft-pd
22Calorie (nutritional) 2184332.14ft-pd
23Calorie (nutritional) 2283619.97ft-pd
24Calorie (nutritional) 2382907.79ft-pd
25Calorie (nutritional) 2482195.62ft-pd
26Calorie (nutritional) 2581483.44ft-pd
27Calorie (nutritional) 2680771.27ft-pd
28Calorie (nutritional) 2780059.09ft-pd
29Calorie (nutritional) 2879346.91ft-pd
30Calorie (nutritional) 2978634.74ft-pd
31Calorie (nutritional) 3077922.56ft-pd
32Calorie (nutritional) 3177210.39ft-pd
33Calorie (nutritional) 3276498.21ft-pd
34Calorie (nutritional) 3375786.04ft-pd
35Calorie (nutritional) 3475073.86ft-pd
36Calorie (nutritional) 3574361.69ft-pd
37Calorie (nutritional) 3673649.51ft-pd
38Calorie (nutritional) 3772937.34ft-pd
39Calorie (nutritional) 3872225.16ft-pd
Calories (nutritional) Foot-poundals
40Calorie (nutritional) 3971512.99ft-pd
41Calorie (nutritional) 4070800.81ft-pd
42Calorie (nutritional) 4170088.63ft-pd
43Calorie (nutritional) 4269376.46ft-pd
44Calorie (nutritional) 4368664.28ft-pd
45Calorie (nutritional) 4467952.11ft-pd
46Calorie (nutritional) 4567239.93ft-pd
47Calorie (nutritional) 4666527.76ft-pd
48Calorie (nutritional) 4765815.58ft-pd
49Calorie (nutritional) 4865103.41ft-pd
50Calorie (nutritional) 4964391.23ft-pd
51Calorie (nutritional) 5063679.06ft-pd
52Calorie (nutritional) 5162966.88ft-pd
53Calorie (nutritional) 5262254.71ft-pd
54Calorie (nutritional) 5361542.53ft-pd
55Calorie (nutritional) 5460830.35ft-pd
56Calorie (nutritional) 5560118.18ft-pd
57Calorie (nutritional) 5659406.00ft-pd
58Calorie (nutritional) 5758693.83ft-pd
59Calorie (nutritional) 5857981.65ft-pd