Calories (Kilogram,I.T.) to Megaelectron-volts conversion

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Calories (Kilogram,I.T.) to Megaelectron-volts formula

MeV =
calIT * 26132000000000000
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Calories (Kilogram,I.T.)

The 5th International Conference on the Properties of Steam defined the International Table calorie as 4.1868 J. One Calorie (Kilogram,IT) is 1,000 times this value - 4,186.8 J


Calories (Kilogram,I.T.) to Megaelectron-volts formula

MeV =
calIT * 26132000000000000


One megaelectron volt is the energy acquired by an electron when accelerated through a potential difference of 1,000,000 volts.It is equal to 1.602 × 10−13 joules.


Calories (Kilogram,I.T.) to Megaelectron-volts table

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Calories (Kilogram,I.T.) Megaelectron-volts
0calIT 0.00MeV
1calIT 26131952442976828.00MeV
2calIT 52263904885953656.00MeV
3calIT 78395857328930480.00MeV
4calIT 104527809771907312.00MeV
5calIT 130659762214884144.00MeV
6calIT 156791714657860960.00MeV
7calIT 182923667100837792.00MeV
8calIT 209055619543814624.00MeV
9calIT 235187571986791456.00MeV
10calIT 261319524429768288.00MeV
11calIT 287451476872745120.00MeV
12calIT 313583429315721920.00MeV
13calIT 339715381758698752.00MeV
14calIT 365847334201675584.00MeV
15calIT 391979286644652416.00MeV
16calIT 418111239087629248.00MeV
17calIT 444243191530606080.00MeV
18calIT 470375143973582912.00MeV
19calIT 496507096416559744.00MeV
Calories (Kilogram,I.T.) Megaelectron-volts
20calIT 522639048859536576.00MeV
21calIT 548771001302513408.00MeV
22calIT 574902953745490240.00MeV
23calIT 601034906188467072.00MeV
24calIT 627166858631443840.00MeV
25calIT 653298811074420736.00MeV
26calIT 679430763517397504.00MeV
27calIT 705562715960374400.00MeV
28calIT 731694668403351168.00MeV
29calIT 757826620846328064.00MeV
30calIT 783958573289304832.00MeV
31calIT 810090525732281728.00MeV
32calIT 836222478175258496.00MeV
33calIT 862354430618235264.00MeV
34calIT 888486383061212160.00MeV
35calIT 914618335504188928.00MeV
36calIT 940750287947165824.00MeV
37calIT 966882240390142592.00MeV
38calIT 993014192833119488.00MeV
39calIT 1019146145276096256.00MeV
Calories (Kilogram,I.T.) Megaelectron-volts
40calIT 1045278097719073152.00MeV
41calIT 1071410050162049920.00MeV
42calIT 1097542002605026816.00MeV
43calIT 1123673955048003584.00MeV
44calIT 1149805907490980480.00MeV
45calIT 1175937859933957376.00MeV
46calIT 1202069812376934144.00MeV
47calIT 1228201764819910912.00MeV
48calIT 1254333717262887680.00MeV
49calIT 1280465669705864448.00MeV
50calIT 1306597622148841472.00MeV
51calIT 1332729574591818240.00MeV
52calIT 1358861527034795008.00MeV
53calIT 1384993479477771776.00MeV
54calIT 1411125431920748800.00MeV
55calIT 1437257384363725568.00MeV
56calIT 1463389336806702336.00MeV
57calIT 1489521289249679104.00MeV
58calIT 1515653241692656128.00MeV
59calIT 1541785194135632896.00MeV