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Calories (Kilogram,I.T.) to Ergs formula

erg =
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Calories (Kilogram,I.T.)

The 5th International Conference on the Properties of Steam defined the International Table calorie as 4.1868 J. One Calorie (Kilogram,IT) is 1,000 times this value - 4,186.8 J


Calories (Kilogram,I.T.) to Ergs formula

erg =


One erg is equal to the work done by a force of one dyne, when its point of application moves 1cm in the direction of action


Calories (Kilogram,I.T.) to Ergs table

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Calories (Kilogram,I.T.) Ergs
0calIT 0.00erg
1calIT 41867999408.82erg
2calIT 83735998817.65erg
3calIT 125603998226.47erg
4calIT 167471997635.30erg
5calIT 209339997044.12erg
6calIT 251207996452.94erg
7calIT 293075995861.77erg
8calIT 334943995270.59erg
9calIT 376811994679.41erg
10calIT 418679994088.24erg
11calIT 460547993497.06erg
12calIT 502415992905.89erg
13calIT 544283992314.71erg
14calIT 586151991723.53erg
15calIT 628019991132.36erg
16calIT 669887990541.18erg
17calIT 711755989950.01erg
18calIT 753623989358.83erg
19calIT 795491988767.65erg
Calories (Kilogram,I.T.) Ergs
20calIT 837359988176.48erg
21calIT 879227987585.30erg
22calIT 921095986994.12erg
23calIT 962963986402.95erg
24calIT 1004831985811.77erg
25calIT 1046699985220.60erg
26calIT 1088567984629.42erg
27calIT 1130435984038.24erg
28calIT 1172303983447.07erg
29calIT 1214171982855.89erg
30calIT 1256039982264.72erg
31calIT 1297907981673.54erg
32calIT 1339775981082.36erg
33calIT 1381643980491.19erg
34calIT 1423511979900.01erg
35calIT 1465379979308.83erg
36calIT 1507247978717.66erg
37calIT 1549115978126.48erg
38calIT 1590983977535.31erg
39calIT 1632851976944.13erg
Calories (Kilogram,I.T.) Ergs
40calIT 1674719976352.95erg
41calIT 1716587975761.78erg
42calIT 1758455975170.60erg
43calIT 1800323974579.43erg
44calIT 1842191973988.25erg
45calIT 1884059973397.07erg
46calIT 1925927972805.90erg
47calIT 1967795972214.72erg
48calIT 2009663971623.54erg
49calIT 2051531971032.37erg
50calIT 2093399970441.19erg
51calIT 2135267969850.02erg
52calIT 2177135969258.84erg
53calIT 2219003968667.66erg
54calIT 2260871968076.49erg
55calIT 2302739967485.31erg
56calIT 2344607966894.14erg
57calIT 2386475966302.96erg
58calIT 2428343965711.78erg
59calIT 2470211965120.61erg