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Calories (20°C) to Foot-poundals formula

ft-pd =
cal20 * 99.238
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Calories (20°C)

One Calorie (20°C) is the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of air-free water from 19.5 to 20.5 °C at atmospheric pressure.


Calories (20°C) to Foot-poundals formula

ft-pd =
cal20 * 99.238


A foot poundal is the work done by a force of one poundal acting through a distance of one foot, in the direction of the force. It equates to 0.0421401100938048 J


Calories (20°C) to Foot-poundals table

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Calories (20°C) Foot-poundals
0cal20 0.00ft-pd
1cal20 99.24ft-pd
2cal20 198.48ft-pd
3cal20 297.71ft-pd
4cal20 396.95ft-pd
5cal20 496.19ft-pd
6cal20 595.43ft-pd
7cal20 694.67ft-pd
8cal20 793.90ft-pd
9cal20 893.14ft-pd
10cal20 992.38ft-pd
11cal20 1091.62ft-pd
12cal20 1190.86ft-pd
13cal20 1290.09ft-pd
14cal20 1389.33ft-pd
15cal20 1488.57ft-pd
16cal20 1587.81ft-pd
17cal20 1687.05ft-pd
18cal20 1786.28ft-pd
19cal20 1885.52ft-pd
Calories (20°C) Foot-poundals
20cal20 1984.76ft-pd
21cal20 2084.00ft-pd
22cal20 2183.24ft-pd
23cal20 2282.47ft-pd
24cal20 2381.71ft-pd
25cal20 2480.95ft-pd
26cal20 2580.19ft-pd
27cal20 2679.43ft-pd
28cal20 2778.66ft-pd
29cal20 2877.90ft-pd
30cal20 2977.14ft-pd
31cal20 3076.38ft-pd
32cal20 3175.62ft-pd
33cal20 3274.85ft-pd
34cal20 3374.09ft-pd
35cal20 3473.33ft-pd
36cal20 3572.57ft-pd
37cal20 3671.81ft-pd
38cal20 3771.04ft-pd
39cal20 3870.28ft-pd
Calories (20°C) Foot-poundals
40cal20 3969.52ft-pd
41cal20 4068.76ft-pd
42cal20 4168.00ft-pd
43cal20 4267.23ft-pd
44cal20 4366.47ft-pd
45cal20 4465.71ft-pd
46cal20 4564.95ft-pd
47cal20 4664.19ft-pd
48cal20 4763.42ft-pd
49cal20 4862.66ft-pd
50cal20 4961.90ft-pd
51cal20 5061.14ft-pd
52cal20 5160.38ft-pd
53cal20 5259.61ft-pd
54cal20 5358.85ft-pd
55cal20 5458.09ft-pd
56cal20 5557.33ft-pd
57cal20 5656.57ft-pd
58cal20 5755.80ft-pd
59cal20 5855.04ft-pd