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Calories (20°C) to Ergs formula

erg =
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Calories (20°C)

One Calorie (20°C) is the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of air-free water from 19.5 to 20.5 °C at atmospheric pressure.


Calories (20°C) to Ergs formula

erg =


One erg is equal to the work done by a force of one dyne, when its point of application moves 1cm in the direction of action


Calories (20°C) to Ergs table

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Calories (20°C) Ergs
0cal20 0.00erg
1cal20 41818999.34erg
2cal20 83637998.68erg
3cal20 125456998.02erg
4cal20 167275997.37erg
5cal20 209094996.71erg
6cal20 250913996.05erg
7cal20 292732995.39erg
8cal20 334551994.73erg
9cal20 376370994.07erg
10cal20 418189993.42erg
11cal20 460008992.76erg
12cal20 501827992.10erg
13cal20 543646991.44erg
14cal20 585465990.78erg
15cal20 627284990.12erg
16cal20 669103989.47erg
17cal20 710922988.81erg
18cal20 752741988.15erg
19cal20 794560987.49erg
Calories (20°C) Ergs
20cal20 836379986.83erg
21cal20 878198986.17erg
22cal20 920017985.52erg
23cal20 961836984.86erg
24cal20 1003655984.20erg
25cal20 1045474983.54erg
26cal20 1087293982.88erg
27cal20 1129112982.22erg
28cal20 1170931981.56erg
29cal20 1212750980.91erg
30cal20 1254569980.25erg
31cal20 1296388979.59erg
32cal20 1338207978.93erg
33cal20 1380026978.27erg
34cal20 1421845977.61erg
35cal20 1463664976.96erg
36cal20 1505483976.30erg
37cal20 1547302975.64erg
38cal20 1589121974.98erg
39cal20 1630940974.32erg
Calories (20°C) Ergs
40cal20 1672759973.66erg
41cal20 1714578973.01erg
42cal20 1756397972.35erg
43cal20 1798216971.69erg
44cal20 1840035971.03erg
45cal20 1881854970.37erg
46cal20 1923673969.71erg
47cal20 1965492969.06erg
48cal20 2007311968.40erg
49cal20 2049130967.74erg
50cal20 2090949967.08erg
51cal20 2132768966.42erg
52cal20 2174587965.76erg
53cal20 2216406965.10erg
54cal20 2258225964.45erg
55cal20 2300044963.79erg
56cal20 2341863963.13erg
57cal20 2383682962.47erg
58cal20 2425501961.81erg
59cal20 2467320961.15erg