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Calories (15°C,CIPM, 1950) to Ergs formula

erg =
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Calories (15°C,CIPM, 1950)

The International Committee for Weights and Measures have defined one cal15 is the ammount of heat energy needed to raise the temperature of 1g of water from 14.5°C to 15.5°C


Calories (15°C,CIPM, 1950) to Ergs formula

erg =


One erg is equal to the work done by a force of one dyne, when its point of application moves 1cm in the direction of action


Calories (15 °C, CIPM, 1950) to Ergs table

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Calories (15°C,CIPM, 1950) Ergs
0cal15 0.00erg
1cal15 41855000.22erg
2cal15 83710000.43erg
3cal15 125565000.65erg
4cal15 167420000.86erg
5cal15 209275001.08erg
6cal15 251130001.30erg
7cal15 292985001.51erg
8cal15 334840001.73erg
9cal15 376695001.94erg
10cal15 418550002.16erg
11cal15 460405002.38erg
12cal15 502260002.59erg
13cal15 544115002.81erg
14cal15 585970003.02erg
15cal15 627825003.24erg
16cal15 669680003.46erg
17cal15 711535003.67erg
18cal15 753390003.89erg
19cal15 795245004.10erg
Calories (15°C,CIPM, 1950) Ergs
20cal15 837100004.32erg
21cal15 878955004.54erg
22cal15 920810004.75erg
23cal15 962665004.97erg
24cal15 1004520005.18erg
25cal15 1046375005.40erg
26cal15 1088230005.62erg
27cal15 1130085005.83erg
28cal15 1171940006.05erg
29cal15 1213795006.26erg
30cal15 1255650006.48erg
31cal15 1297505006.70erg
32cal15 1339360006.91erg
33cal15 1381215007.13erg
34cal15 1423070007.34erg
35cal15 1464925007.56erg
36cal15 1506780007.77erg
37cal15 1548635007.99erg
38cal15 1590490008.21erg
39cal15 1632345008.42erg
Calories (15°C,CIPM, 1950) Ergs
40cal15 1674200008.64erg
41cal15 1716055008.85erg
42cal15 1757910009.07erg
43cal15 1799765009.29erg
44cal15 1841620009.50erg
45cal15 1883475009.72erg
46cal15 1925330009.93erg
47cal15 1967185010.15erg
48cal15 2009040010.37erg
49cal15 2050895010.58erg
50cal15 2092750010.80erg
51cal15 2134605011.01erg
52cal15 2176460011.23erg
53cal15 2218315011.45erg
54cal15 2260170011.66erg
55cal15 2302025011.88erg
56cal15 2343880012.09erg
57cal15 2385735012.31erg
58cal15 2427590012.53erg
59cal15 2469445012.74erg