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Btu (mean) to Foot-poundals formula

ft-pd =
Btu (mean) * 25056
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Btu (mean)

One BTU is the energy required to heat 1 avoirdupois pound of liquid water by 1 degree Fahrenheit, at a pressure of one atmosphere. The Btu (mean) uses a result averaged over water temperatures 0 to 100 °C (32.0 to 212.0 °F) which is approx. 1055.87 J


Btu (mean) to Foot-poundals formula

ft-pd =
Btu (mean) * 25056


A foot poundal is the work done by a force of one poundal acting through a distance of one foot, in the direction of the force. It equates to 0.0421401100938048 J


Btu (mean) to Foot-poundals table

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Btu (mean) Foot-poundals
0Btu (mean) 0.00ft-pd
1Btu (mean) 25056.18ft-pd
2Btu (mean) 50112.35ft-pd
3Btu (mean) 75168.53ft-pd
4Btu (mean) 100224.70ft-pd
5Btu (mean) 125280.88ft-pd
6Btu (mean) 150337.05ft-pd
7Btu (mean) 175393.23ft-pd
8Btu (mean) 200449.40ft-pd
9Btu (mean) 225505.58ft-pd
10Btu (mean) 250561.75ft-pd
11Btu (mean) 275617.93ft-pd
12Btu (mean) 300674.10ft-pd
13Btu (mean) 325730.28ft-pd
14Btu (mean) 350786.45ft-pd
15Btu (mean) 375842.63ft-pd
16Btu (mean) 400898.80ft-pd
17Btu (mean) 425954.98ft-pd
18Btu (mean) 451011.15ft-pd
19Btu (mean) 476067.33ft-pd
Btu (mean) Foot-poundals
20Btu (mean) 501123.50ft-pd
21Btu (mean) 526179.68ft-pd
22Btu (mean) 551235.85ft-pd
23Btu (mean) 576292.03ft-pd
24Btu (mean) 601348.20ft-pd
25Btu (mean) 626404.38ft-pd
26Btu (mean) 651460.55ft-pd
27Btu (mean) 676516.73ft-pd
28Btu (mean) 701572.91ft-pd
29Btu (mean) 726629.08ft-pd
30Btu (mean) 751685.26ft-pd
31Btu (mean) 776741.43ft-pd
32Btu (mean) 801797.61ft-pd
33Btu (mean) 826853.78ft-pd
34Btu (mean) 851909.96ft-pd
35Btu (mean) 876966.13ft-pd
36Btu (mean) 902022.31ft-pd
37Btu (mean) 927078.48ft-pd
38Btu (mean) 952134.66ft-pd
39Btu (mean) 977190.83ft-pd
Btu (mean) Foot-poundals
40Btu (mean) 1002247.01ft-pd
41Btu (mean) 1027303.18ft-pd
42Btu (mean) 1052359.36ft-pd
43Btu (mean) 1077415.53ft-pd
44Btu (mean) 1102471.71ft-pd
45Btu (mean) 1127527.88ft-pd
46Btu (mean) 1152584.06ft-pd
47Btu (mean) 1177640.23ft-pd
48Btu (mean) 1202696.41ft-pd
49Btu (mean) 1227752.58ft-pd
50Btu (mean) 1252808.76ft-pd
51Btu (mean) 1277864.93ft-pd
52Btu (mean) 1302921.11ft-pd
53Btu (mean) 1327977.28ft-pd
54Btu (mean) 1353033.46ft-pd
55Btu (mean) 1378089.64ft-pd
56Btu (mean) 1403145.81ft-pd
57Btu (mean) 1428201.99ft-pd
58Btu (mean) 1453258.16ft-pd
59Btu (mean) 1478314.34ft-pd