Btu (I.T., pre-1956) to Megaelectron-volts

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Btu (I.T., pre-1956) to Megaelectron-volts formula

MeV =
Btu (I.T., pre-1956) * 6585000000000000
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Btu (I.T., pre-1956) to Megaelectron-volts formula

MeV =
Btu (I.T., pre-1956) * 6585000000000000


One megaelectron volt is the energy acquired by an electron when accelerated through a potential difference of 1,000,000 volts.It is equal to 1.602 × 10−13 joules.


Btu (I.T., pre-1956) to Megaelectron-volts table

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Btu (I.T., pre-1956) Megaelectron-volts
0Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 0.00MeV
1Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 6585042406699858.00MeV
2Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 13170084813399716.00MeV
3Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 19755127220099576.00MeV
4Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 26340169626799432.00MeV
5Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 32925212033499288.00MeV
6Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 39510254440199152.00MeV
7Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 46095296846899008.00MeV
8Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 52680339253598864.00MeV
9Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 59265381660298720.00MeV
10Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 65850424066998576.00MeV
11Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 72435466473698432.00MeV
12Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 79020508880398304.00MeV
13Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 85605551287098160.00MeV
14Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 92190593693798016.00MeV
15Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 98775636100497872.00MeV
16Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 105360678507197728.00MeV
17Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 111945720913897584.00MeV
18Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 118530763320597440.00MeV
19Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 125115805727297296.00MeV
Btu (I.T., pre-1956) Megaelectron-volts
20Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 131700848133997152.00MeV
21Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 138285890540697024.00MeV
22Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 144870932947396864.00MeV
23Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 151455975354096736.00MeV
24Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 158041017760796608.00MeV
25Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 164626060167496448.00MeV
26Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 171211102574196320.00MeV
27Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 177796144980896160.00MeV
28Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 184381187387596032.00MeV
29Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 190966229794295872.00MeV
30Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 197551272200995744.00MeV
31Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 204136314607695584.00MeV
32Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 210721357014395456.00MeV
33Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 217306399421095328.00MeV
34Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 223891441827795168.00MeV
35Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 230476484234495040.00MeV
36Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 237061526641194880.00MeV
37Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 243646569047894752.00MeV
38Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 250231611454594592.00MeV
39Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 256816653861294464.00MeV
Btu (I.T., pre-1956) Megaelectron-volts
40Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 263401696267994304.00MeV
41Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 269986738674694176.00MeV
42Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 276571781081394048.00MeV
43Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 283156823488093888.00MeV
44Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 289741865894793728.00MeV
45Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 296326908301493632.00MeV
46Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 302911950708193472.00MeV
47Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 309496993114893312.00MeV
48Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 316082035521593216.00MeV
49Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 322667077928293056.00MeV
50Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 329252120334992896.00MeV
51Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 335837162741692736.00MeV
52Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 342422205148392640.00MeV
53Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 349007247555092480.00MeV
54Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 355592289961792320.00MeV
55Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 362177332368492160.00MeV
56Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 368762374775192064.00MeV
57Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 375347417181891904.00MeV
58Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 381932459588591744.00MeV
59Btu (I.T., pre-1956) 388517501995291648.00MeV