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Btu (3.9°C) to Joules formula

J =
Btu (3.9°C)
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Btu (3.9°C)

One BTU is the energy required to warm 1 avoirdupois pound of liquid water by 1 degree Fahrenheit, at one atmosphere. The Btu (3.9°C) uses the calorie value of water at the temperature of its maximum density


Btu (3.9°C) to Joules formula

J =
Btu (3.9°C)


One Joule is 1 Newton Metre, ie the work done or energy transfered to an object when a one Newton force acts on it over one metre. It can also be defined as the heat energy dissipated by a current of one ampere passing through a one Ohm resistor for one second


Btu (3.9°C) to Joules table

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Btu (3.9°C) Joules
0Btu (3.9°C) 0.00J
1Btu (3.9°C) 1059.67J
2Btu (3.9°C) 2119.34J
3Btu (3.9°C) 3179.01J
4Btu (3.9°C) 4238.68J
5Btu (3.9°C) 5298.35J
6Btu (3.9°C) 6358.02J
7Btu (3.9°C) 7417.69J
8Btu (3.9°C) 8477.36J
9Btu (3.9°C) 9537.03J
10Btu (3.9°C) 10596.70J
11Btu (3.9°C) 11656.37J
12Btu (3.9°C) 12716.04J
13Btu (3.9°C) 13775.71J
14Btu (3.9°C) 14835.38J
15Btu (3.9°C) 15895.05J
16Btu (3.9°C) 16954.72J
17Btu (3.9°C) 18014.39J
18Btu (3.9°C) 19074.06J
19Btu (3.9°C) 20133.73J
Btu (3.9°C) Joules
20Btu (3.9°C) 21193.40J
21Btu (3.9°C) 22253.07J
22Btu (3.9°C) 23312.74J
23Btu (3.9°C) 24372.41J
24Btu (3.9°C) 25432.08J
25Btu (3.9°C) 26491.75J
26Btu (3.9°C) 27551.42J
27Btu (3.9°C) 28611.09J
28Btu (3.9°C) 29670.76J
29Btu (3.9°C) 30730.43J
30Btu (3.9°C) 31790.10J
31Btu (3.9°C) 32849.77J
32Btu (3.9°C) 33909.44J
33Btu (3.9°C) 34969.11J
34Btu (3.9°C) 36028.78J
35Btu (3.9°C) 37088.45J
36Btu (3.9°C) 38148.12J
37Btu (3.9°C) 39207.79J
38Btu (3.9°C) 40267.46J
39Btu (3.9°C) 41327.13J
Btu (3.9°C) Joules
40Btu (3.9°C) 42386.80J
41Btu (3.9°C) 43446.47J
42Btu (3.9°C) 44506.14J
43Btu (3.9°C) 45565.81J
44Btu (3.9°C) 46625.48J
45Btu (3.9°C) 47685.15J
46Btu (3.9°C) 48744.82J
47Btu (3.9°C) 49804.49J
48Btu (3.9°C) 50864.16J
49Btu (3.9°C) 51923.83J
50Btu (3.9°C) 52983.50J
51Btu (3.9°C) 54043.17J
52Btu (3.9°C) 55102.84J
53Btu (3.9°C) 56162.51J
54Btu (3.9°C) 57222.18J
55Btu (3.9°C) 58281.85J
56Btu (3.9°C) 59341.52J
57Btu (3.9°C) 60401.19J
58Btu (3.9°C) 61460.86J
59Btu (3.9°C) 62520.53J