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Btu (15°C) to Ergs formula

erg =
Btu (15.0 °C)
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Btu (15°C)

One Btu (15.0°C) is the energy required to heat 1 avoirdupois pound of liquid water from 14.5 °C to 15.5°C at a pressure of one atmosphere and equates to 1054.804 J


Btu (15°C) to Ergs formula

erg =
Btu (15.0 °C)


One erg is equal to the work done by a force of one dyne, when its point of application moves 1cm in the direction of action


Btu (15°C) to Ergs table

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Btu (15°C) Ergs
0Btu (15.0 °C) 0.00erg
1Btu (15.0 °C) 10548039977.45erg
2Btu (15.0 °C) 21096079954.90erg
3Btu (15.0 °C) 31644119932.35erg
4Btu (15.0 °C) 42192159909.80erg
5Btu (15.0 °C) 52740199887.26erg
6Btu (15.0 °C) 63288239864.71erg
7Btu (15.0 °C) 73836279842.16erg
8Btu (15.0 °C) 84384319819.61erg
9Btu (15.0 °C) 94932359797.06erg
10Btu (15.0 °C) 105480399774.51erg
11Btu (15.0 °C) 116028439751.96erg
12Btu (15.0 °C) 126576479729.41erg
13Btu (15.0 °C) 137124519706.87erg
14Btu (15.0 °C) 147672559684.32erg
15Btu (15.0 °C) 158220599661.77erg
16Btu (15.0 °C) 168768639639.22erg
17Btu (15.0 °C) 179316679616.67erg
18Btu (15.0 °C) 189864719594.12erg
19Btu (15.0 °C) 200412759571.57erg
Btu (15°C) Ergs
20Btu (15.0 °C) 210960799549.02erg
21Btu (15.0 °C) 221508839526.48erg
22Btu (15.0 °C) 232056879503.93erg
23Btu (15.0 °C) 242604919481.38erg
24Btu (15.0 °C) 253152959458.83erg
25Btu (15.0 °C) 263700999436.28erg
26Btu (15.0 °C) 274249039413.73erg
27Btu (15.0 °C) 284797079391.18erg
28Btu (15.0 °C) 295345119368.63erg
29Btu (15.0 °C) 305893159346.09erg
30Btu (15.0 °C) 316441199323.54erg
31Btu (15.0 °C) 326989239300.99erg
32Btu (15.0 °C) 337537279278.44erg
33Btu (15.0 °C) 348085319255.89erg
34Btu (15.0 °C) 358633359233.34erg
35Btu (15.0 °C) 369181399210.79erg
36Btu (15.0 °C) 379729439188.24erg
37Btu (15.0 °C) 390277479165.70erg
38Btu (15.0 °C) 400825519143.15erg
39Btu (15.0 °C) 411373559120.60erg
Btu (15°C) Ergs
40Btu (15.0 °C) 421921599098.05erg
41Btu (15.0 °C) 432469639075.50erg
42Btu (15.0 °C) 443017679052.95erg
43Btu (15.0 °C) 453565719030.40erg
44Btu (15.0 °C) 464113759007.85erg
45Btu (15.0 °C) 474661798985.31erg
46Btu (15.0 °C) 485209838962.76erg
47Btu (15.0 °C) 495757878940.21erg
48Btu (15.0 °C) 506305918917.66erg
49Btu (15.0 °C) 516853958895.11erg
50Btu (15.0 °C) 527401998872.56erg
51Btu (15.0 °C) 537950038850.01erg
52Btu (15.0 °C) 548498078827.46erg
53Btu (15.0 °C) 559046118804.92erg
54Btu (15.0 °C) 569594158782.37erg
55Btu (15.0 °C) 580142198759.82erg
56Btu (15.0 °C) 590690238737.27erg
57Btu (15.0 °C) 601238278714.72erg
58Btu (15.0 °C) 611786318692.17erg
59Btu (15.0 °C) 622334358669.62erg