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Btu (15.8°C, ISO) to Megaelectron-volts formula

MeV =
Btu (15.8°C, ISO) * 6581700000000000
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Btu (15.8°C, ISO)

One BTU is defined as the energy required at 1 atmosphere to heat 1 avoirdupois pound of liquid water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. One Btu (15.8°C, ISO) equates to 1,054.5 J


Btu (15.8°C, ISO) to Megaelectron-volts formula

MeV =
Btu (15.8°C, ISO) * 6581700000000000


One megaelectron volt is the energy acquired by an electron when accelerated through a potential difference of 1,000,000 volts.It is equal to 1.602 × 10−13 joules.


Btu (15.8°C, ISO) to Megaelectron-volts table

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Btu (15.8°C, ISO) Megaelectron-volts
0Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 0.00MeV
1Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 6581671963314704.00MeV
2Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 13163343926629408.00MeV
3Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 19745015889944112.00MeV
4Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 26326687853258816.00MeV
5Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 32908359816573520.00MeV
6Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 39490031779888224.00MeV
7Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 46071703743202928.00MeV
8Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 52653375706517632.00MeV
9Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 59235047669832336.00MeV
10Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 65816719633147040.00MeV
11Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 72398391596461744.00MeV
12Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 78980063559776448.00MeV
13Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 85561735523091152.00MeV
14Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 92143407486405856.00MeV
15Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 98725079449720560.00MeV
16Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 105306751413035264.00MeV
17Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 111888423376349968.00MeV
18Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 118470095339664672.00MeV
19Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 125051767302979376.00MeV
Btu (15.8°C, ISO) Megaelectron-volts
20Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 131633439266294080.00MeV
21Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 138215111229608784.00MeV
22Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 144796783192923488.00MeV
23Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 151378455156238208.00MeV
24Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 157960127119552896.00MeV
25Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 164541799082867584.00MeV
26Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 171123471046182304.00MeV
27Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 177705143009497024.00MeV
28Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 184286814972811712.00MeV
29Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 190868486936126400.00MeV
30Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 197450158899441120.00MeV
31Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 204031830862755840.00MeV
32Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 210613502826070528.00MeV
33Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 217195174789385216.00MeV
34Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 223776846752699936.00MeV
35Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 230358518716014656.00MeV
36Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 236940190679329344.00MeV
37Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 243521862642644032.00MeV
38Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 250103534605958752.00MeV
39Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 256685206569273472.00MeV
Btu (15.8°C, ISO) Megaelectron-volts
40Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 263266878532588160.00MeV
41Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 269848550495902848.00MeV
42Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 276430222459217568.00MeV
43Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 283011894422532288.00MeV
44Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 289593566385846976.00MeV
45Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 296175238349161664.00MeV
46Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 302756910312476416.00MeV
47Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 309338582275791104.00MeV
48Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 315920254239105792.00MeV
49Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 322501926202420480.00MeV
50Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 329083598165735168.00MeV
51Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 335665270129049920.00MeV
52Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 342246942092364608.00MeV
53Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 348828614055679296.00MeV
54Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 355410286018994048.00MeV
55Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 361991957982308736.00MeV
56Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 368573629945623424.00MeV
57Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 375155301908938112.00MeV
58Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 381736973872252800.00MeV
59Btu (15.8°C, ISO) 388318645835567552.00MeV