Btu (15.6°C) to Foot-poundals conversion

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Btu (15.6°C) to Foot-poundals formula

ft-pd =
Btu (15.6°C) * 25028
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Btu (15.6°C)

One BTU is the energy required to heat 1 avoirdupois pound of liquid water by 1 degree Fahrenheit, at a pressure of one atmosphere. The Btu (15.6°C) equates to 1,054.68 J


Btu (15.6°C) to Foot-poundals formula

ft-pd =
Btu (15.6°C) * 25028


A foot poundal is the work done by a force of one poundal acting through a distance of one foot, in the direction of the force. It equates to 0.0421401100938048 J


Btu (15.6°C) to Foot-poundals table

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Btu (15.6°C) Foot-poundals
0Btu (15.6°C) 0.00ft-pd
1Btu (15.6°C) 25027.94ft-pd
2Btu (15.6°C) 50055.87ft-pd
3Btu (15.6°C) 75083.81ft-pd
4Btu (15.6°C) 100111.74ft-pd
5Btu (15.6°C) 125139.68ft-pd
6Btu (15.6°C) 150167.62ft-pd
7Btu (15.6°C) 175195.55ft-pd
8Btu (15.6°C) 200223.49ft-pd
9Btu (15.6°C) 225251.42ft-pd
10Btu (15.6°C) 250279.36ft-pd
11Btu (15.6°C) 275307.30ft-pd
12Btu (15.6°C) 300335.23ft-pd
13Btu (15.6°C) 325363.17ft-pd
14Btu (15.6°C) 350391.11ft-pd
15Btu (15.6°C) 375419.04ft-pd
16Btu (15.6°C) 400446.98ft-pd
17Btu (15.6°C) 425474.91ft-pd
18Btu (15.6°C) 450502.85ft-pd
19Btu (15.6°C) 475530.79ft-pd
Btu (15.6°C) Foot-poundals
20Btu (15.6°C) 500558.72ft-pd
21Btu (15.6°C) 525586.66ft-pd
22Btu (15.6°C) 550614.59ft-pd
23Btu (15.6°C) 575642.53ft-pd
24Btu (15.6°C) 600670.47ft-pd
25Btu (15.6°C) 625698.40ft-pd
26Btu (15.6°C) 650726.34ft-pd
27Btu (15.6°C) 675754.27ft-pd
28Btu (15.6°C) 700782.21ft-pd
29Btu (15.6°C) 725810.15ft-pd
30Btu (15.6°C) 750838.08ft-pd
31Btu (15.6°C) 775866.02ft-pd
32Btu (15.6°C) 800893.96ft-pd
33Btu (15.6°C) 825921.89ft-pd
34Btu (15.6°C) 850949.83ft-pd
35Btu (15.6°C) 875977.76ft-pd
36Btu (15.6°C) 901005.70ft-pd
37Btu (15.6°C) 926033.64ft-pd
38Btu (15.6°C) 951061.57ft-pd
39Btu (15.6°C) 976089.51ft-pd
Btu (15.6°C) Foot-poundals
40Btu (15.6°C) 1001117.44ft-pd
41Btu (15.6°C) 1026145.38ft-pd
42Btu (15.6°C) 1051173.32ft-pd
43Btu (15.6°C) 1076201.25ft-pd
44Btu (15.6°C) 1101229.19ft-pd
45Btu (15.6°C) 1126257.12ft-pd
46Btu (15.6°C) 1151285.06ft-pd
47Btu (15.6°C) 1176313.00ft-pd
48Btu (15.6°C) 1201340.93ft-pd
49Btu (15.6°C) 1226368.87ft-pd
50Btu (15.6°C) 1251396.81ft-pd
51Btu (15.6°C) 1276424.74ft-pd
52Btu (15.6°C) 1301452.68ft-pd
53Btu (15.6°C) 1326480.61ft-pd
54Btu (15.6°C) 1351508.55ft-pd
55Btu (15.6°C) 1376536.49ft-pd
56Btu (15.6°C) 1401564.42ft-pd
57Btu (15.6°C) 1426592.36ft-pd
58Btu (15.6°C) 1451620.29ft-pd
59Btu (15.6°C) 1476648.23ft-pd