Square Centimeters to Square Feet

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Convert Square Centimeters to Square Feet

ft² =
cm² * 0.0010764
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Square Centimeters

A measurement of area equal to one centimeter length by one centimeter width.


Convert Square Centimeters to Square Feet

ft² =
cm² * 0.0010764

Square Feet

The square foot is a unit of area used in the imperial and U.S. customary measurement systems.

A square measurement is the two-dimensional derivative of a linear measure, so a square foot is defined as the area of a square with sides 1 ft in length.


Square Centimeters to Square Feet table
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Square Centimeters Square Feet
0cm² 0.00ft²
1cm² 0.00ft²
2cm² 0.00ft²
3cm² 0.00ft²
4cm² 0.00ft²
5cm² 0.01ft²
6cm² 0.01ft²
7cm² 0.01ft²
8cm² 0.01ft²
9cm² 0.01ft²
10cm² 0.01ft²
11cm² 0.01ft²
12cm² 0.01ft²
13cm² 0.01ft²
14cm² 0.02ft²
15cm² 0.02ft²
16cm² 0.02ft²
17cm² 0.02ft²
18cm² 0.02ft²
19cm² 0.02ft²
Square Centimeters Square Feet
20cm² 0.02ft²
21cm² 0.02ft²
22cm² 0.02ft²
23cm² 0.02ft²
24cm² 0.03ft²
25cm² 0.03ft²
26cm² 0.03ft²
27cm² 0.03ft²
28cm² 0.03ft²
29cm² 0.03ft²
30cm² 0.03ft²
31cm² 0.03ft²
32cm² 0.03ft²
33cm² 0.04ft²
34cm² 0.04ft²
35cm² 0.04ft²
36cm² 0.04ft²
37cm² 0.04ft²
38cm² 0.04ft²
39cm² 0.04ft²
Square Centimeters Square Feet
40cm² 0.04ft²
41cm² 0.04ft²
42cm² 0.05ft²
43cm² 0.05ft²
44cm² 0.05ft²
45cm² 0.05ft²
46cm² 0.05ft²
47cm² 0.05ft²
48cm² 0.05ft²
49cm² 0.05ft²
50cm² 0.05ft²
51cm² 0.05ft²
52cm² 0.06ft²
53cm² 0.06ft²
54cm² 0.06ft²
55cm² 0.06ft²
56cm² 0.06ft²
57cm² 0.06ft²
58cm² 0.06ft²
59cm² 0.06ft²
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