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Radians to Milliradians (USSR) formula

Mil (USSR) =
rad * 1002.7
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More information: Milliradians (USSR)


The angle made by taking the radius of a circle and wrapping it along the circle's edge. Therefore 1 Radian is equal to (180/π) degrees


Radians to Milliradians (USSR) formula

Mil (USSR) =
rad * 1002.7

Milliradians (USSR)

A milliradian (also know as a mil) is a unit of angle. There are several distinct definitions but all approximate to a trigonometric milliradian. Mils are generally used in the military for artillery sights.


Radians to Milliradians (USSR) table

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Radians Milliradians (USSR)
0rad 0.00Mil (USSR)
1rad 1002.68Mil (USSR)
2rad 2005.35Mil (USSR)
3rad 3008.03Mil (USSR)
4rad 4010.70Mil (USSR)
5rad 5013.38Mil (USSR)
6rad 6016.06Mil (USSR)
7rad 7018.73Mil (USSR)
8rad 8021.41Mil (USSR)
9rad 9024.08Mil (USSR)
10rad 10026.76Mil (USSR)
11rad 11029.44Mil (USSR)
12rad 12032.11Mil (USSR)
13rad 13034.79Mil (USSR)
14rad 14037.47Mil (USSR)
15rad 15040.14Mil (USSR)
16rad 16042.82Mil (USSR)
17rad 17045.49Mil (USSR)
18rad 18048.17Mil (USSR)
19rad 19050.85Mil (USSR)
Radians Milliradians (USSR)
20rad 20053.52Mil (USSR)
21rad 21056.20Mil (USSR)
22rad 22058.87Mil (USSR)
23rad 23061.55Mil (USSR)
24rad 24064.23Mil (USSR)
25rad 25066.90Mil (USSR)
26rad 26069.58Mil (USSR)
27rad 27072.25Mil (USSR)
28rad 28074.93Mil (USSR)
29rad 29077.61Mil (USSR)
30rad 30080.28Mil (USSR)
31rad 31082.96Mil (USSR)
32rad 32085.64Mil (USSR)
33rad 33088.31Mil (USSR)
34rad 34090.99Mil (USSR)
35rad 35093.66Mil (USSR)
36rad 36096.34Mil (USSR)
37rad 37099.02Mil (USSR)
38rad 38101.69Mil (USSR)
39rad 39104.37Mil (USSR)
Radians Milliradians (USSR)
40rad 40107.04Mil (USSR)
41rad 41109.72Mil (USSR)
42rad 42112.40Mil (USSR)
43rad 43115.07Mil (USSR)
44rad 44117.75Mil (USSR)
45rad 45120.42Mil (USSR)
46rad 46123.10Mil (USSR)
47rad 47125.78Mil (USSR)
48rad 48128.45Mil (USSR)
49rad 49131.13Mil (USSR)
50rad 50133.80Mil (USSR)
51rad 51136.48Mil (USSR)
52rad 52139.16Mil (USSR)
53rad 53141.83Mil (USSR)
54rad 54144.51Mil (USSR)
55rad 55147.19Mil (USSR)
56rad 56149.86Mil (USSR)
57rad 57152.54Mil (USSR)
58rad 58155.21Mil (USSR)
59rad 59157.89Mil (USSR)