Milliradians (US WW2) to Seconds (angular)

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Milliradians (US WW2) to Seconds (angular) formula

″ =
Mil (US WW2) * 324.00
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Milliradians (US WW2) to Seconds (angular) formula

″ =
Mil (US WW2) * 324.00

Seconds (angular)

A second of arc (also known as arcsec) is 1⁄60 of an arcminute, or 1⁄1,296,000 of a circle. It is used in fields involing very small angles, eg astronomy


Milliradians (US WW2) to Seconds (angular) table

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Milliradians (US WW2) Seconds (angular)
0Mil (US WW2) 0.00
1Mil (US WW2) 324.00
2Mil (US WW2) 648.00
3Mil (US WW2) 972.00
4Mil (US WW2) 1296.00
5Mil (US WW2) 1620.00
6Mil (US WW2) 1944.00
7Mil (US WW2) 2268.00
8Mil (US WW2) 2592.00
9Mil (US WW2) 2916.00
10Mil (US WW2) 3240.00
11Mil (US WW2) 3564.00
12Mil (US WW2) 3888.00
13Mil (US WW2) 4212.00
14Mil (US WW2) 4536.00
15Mil (US WW2) 4860.00
16Mil (US WW2) 5184.00
17Mil (US WW2) 5508.00
18Mil (US WW2) 5832.00
19Mil (US WW2) 6156.00
Milliradians (US WW2) Seconds (angular)
20Mil (US WW2) 6480.00
21Mil (US WW2) 6804.00
22Mil (US WW2) 7128.00
23Mil (US WW2) 7452.00
24Mil (US WW2) 7776.00
25Mil (US WW2) 8100.00
26Mil (US WW2) 8424.00
27Mil (US WW2) 8748.00
28Mil (US WW2) 9072.00
29Mil (US WW2) 9396.00
30Mil (US WW2) 9720.00
31Mil (US WW2) 10044.00
32Mil (US WW2) 10368.00
33Mil (US WW2) 10692.00
34Mil (US WW2) 11016.00
35Mil (US WW2) 11340.00
36Mil (US WW2) 11664.00
37Mil (US WW2) 11988.00
38Mil (US WW2) 12312.00
39Mil (US WW2) 12636.00
Milliradians (US WW2) Seconds (angular)
40Mil (US WW2) 12960.00
41Mil (US WW2) 13284.00
42Mil (US WW2) 13608.00
43Mil (US WW2) 13932.00
44Mil (US WW2) 14256.00
45Mil (US WW2) 14580.00
46Mil (US WW2) 14904.00
47Mil (US WW2) 15228.00
48Mil (US WW2) 15552.00
49Mil (US WW2) 15876.00
50Mil (US WW2) 16200.00
51Mil (US WW2) 16524.00
52Mil (US WW2) 16848.00
53Mil (US WW2) 17172.00
54Mil (US WW2) 17496.00
55Mil (US WW2) 17820.00
56Mil (US WW2) 18144.00
57Mil (US WW2) 18468.00
58Mil (US WW2) 18792.00
59Mil (US WW2) 19116.00