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Gradians to Milliradians (USSR) formula

Mil (USSR) =
g * 15.750
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The gradian is an angular unit of angle, equal to 9⁄10 of a degree or 1⁄400 of a turn


Gradians to Milliradians (USSR) formula

Mil (USSR) =
g * 15.750

Milliradians (USSR)

A milliradian (also know as a mil) is a unit of angle. There are several distinct definitions but all approximate to a trigonometric milliradian. Mils are generally used in the military for artillery sights.


Gradians to Milliradians (USSR) table

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Gradians Milliradians (USSR)
0g 0.00Mil (USSR)
1g 15.75Mil (USSR)
2g 31.50Mil (USSR)
3g 47.25Mil (USSR)
4g 63.00Mil (USSR)
5g 78.75Mil (USSR)
6g 94.50Mil (USSR)
7g 110.25Mil (USSR)
8g 126.00Mil (USSR)
9g 141.75Mil (USSR)
10g 157.50Mil (USSR)
11g 173.25Mil (USSR)
12g 189.00Mil (USSR)
13g 204.75Mil (USSR)
14g 220.50Mil (USSR)
15g 236.25Mil (USSR)
16g 252.00Mil (USSR)
17g 267.75Mil (USSR)
18g 283.50Mil (USSR)
19g 299.25Mil (USSR)
Gradians Milliradians (USSR)
20g 315.00Mil (USSR)
21g 330.75Mil (USSR)
22g 346.50Mil (USSR)
23g 362.25Mil (USSR)
24g 378.00Mil (USSR)
25g 393.75Mil (USSR)
26g 409.50Mil (USSR)
27g 425.25Mil (USSR)
28g 441.00Mil (USSR)
29g 456.75Mil (USSR)
30g 472.50Mil (USSR)
31g 488.25Mil (USSR)
32g 504.00Mil (USSR)
33g 519.75Mil (USSR)
34g 535.50Mil (USSR)
35g 551.25Mil (USSR)
36g 567.00Mil (USSR)
37g 582.75Mil (USSR)
38g 598.50Mil (USSR)
39g 614.25Mil (USSR)
Gradians Milliradians (USSR)
40g 630.00Mil (USSR)
41g 645.75Mil (USSR)
42g 661.50Mil (USSR)
43g 677.25Mil (USSR)
44g 693.00Mil (USSR)
45g 708.75Mil (USSR)
46g 724.50Mil (USSR)
47g 740.25Mil (USSR)
48g 756.00Mil (USSR)
49g 771.75Mil (USSR)
50g 787.50Mil (USSR)
51g 803.25Mil (USSR)
52g 819.00Mil (USSR)
53g 834.75Mil (USSR)
54g 850.50Mil (USSR)
55g 866.25Mil (USSR)
56g 882.00Mil (USSR)
57g 897.75Mil (USSR)
58g 913.50Mil (USSR)
59g 929.25Mil (USSR)