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US pt dry =
UK qt * 2.0641
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UK Quarts to US Pints (Dry) table - Click here for table options
UK Quarts US Pints (Dry)
0UK qt 0.00US pt dry
1UK qt 2.06US pt dry
2UK qt 4.13US pt dry
3UK qt 6.19US pt dry
4UK qt 8.26US pt dry
5UK qt 10.32US pt dry
6UK qt 12.38US pt dry
7UK qt 14.45US pt dry
8UK qt 16.51US pt dry
9UK qt 18.58US pt dry
10UK qt 20.64US pt dry
11UK qt 22.71US pt dry
12UK qt 24.77US pt dry
13UK qt 26.83US pt dry
14UK qt 28.90US pt dry
15UK qt 30.96US pt dry
16UK qt 33.03US pt dry
17UK qt 35.09US pt dry
18UK qt 37.15US pt dry
19UK qt 39.22US pt dry
UK Quarts US Pints (Dry)
20UK qt 41.28US pt dry
21UK qt 43.35US pt dry
22UK qt 45.41US pt dry
23UK qt 47.47US pt dry
24UK qt 49.54US pt dry
25UK qt 51.60US pt dry
26UK qt 53.67US pt dry
27UK qt 55.73US pt dry
28UK qt 57.80US pt dry
29UK qt 59.86US pt dry
30UK qt 61.92US pt dry
31UK qt 63.99US pt dry
32UK qt 66.05US pt dry
33UK qt 68.12US pt dry
34UK qt 70.18US pt dry
35UK qt 72.24US pt dry
36UK qt 74.31US pt dry
37UK qt 76.37US pt dry
38UK qt 78.44US pt dry
39UK qt 80.50US pt dry
UK Quarts US Pints (Dry)
40UK qt 82.56US pt dry
41UK qt 84.63US pt dry
42UK qt 86.69US pt dry
43UK qt 88.76US pt dry
44UK qt 90.82US pt dry
45UK qt 92.89US pt dry
46UK qt 94.95US pt dry
47UK qt 97.01US pt dry
48UK qt 99.08US pt dry
49UK qt 101.14US pt dry
50UK qt 103.21US pt dry
51UK qt 105.27US pt dry
52UK qt 107.33US pt dry
53UK qt 109.40US pt dry
54UK qt 111.46US pt dry
55UK qt 113.53US pt dry
56UK qt 115.59US pt dry
57UK qt 117.65US pt dry
58UK qt 119.72US pt dry
59UK qt 121.78US pt dry
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UK Quarts

A British imperial capacity measure (liquid or dry) equal to 2 pints or 1.136 liters

US pt dry =
UK qt * 2.0641

US Pints (Dry)

A US capacity measure (for liquid) equal to 0.55 liters. Note also there are different measures of US liquid pints and UK pints.

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