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Miles per hour Centimeters per day
0mph 0.00cm/day
1mph 3862425.61cm/day
2mph 7724851.23cm/day
3mph 11587276.84cm/day
4mph 15449702.46cm/day
5mph 19312128.07cm/day
6mph 23174553.68cm/day
7mph 27036979.30cm/day
8mph 30899404.91cm/day
9mph 34761830.53cm/day
10mph 38624256.14cm/day
11mph 42486681.75cm/day
12mph 46349107.37cm/day
13mph 50211532.98cm/day
14mph 54073958.59cm/day
15mph 57936384.21cm/day
16mph 61798809.82cm/day
17mph 65661235.44cm/day
18mph 69523661.05cm/day
19mph 73386086.66cm/day
Miles per hour Centimeters per day
20mph 77248512.28cm/day
21mph 81110937.89cm/day
22mph 84973363.51cm/day
23mph 88835789.12cm/day
24mph 92698214.73cm/day
25mph 96560640.35cm/day
26mph 100423065.96cm/day
27mph 104285491.58cm/day
28mph 108147917.19cm/day
29mph 112010342.80cm/day
30mph 115872768.42cm/day
31mph 119735194.03cm/day
32mph 123597619.65cm/day
33mph 127460045.26cm/day
34mph 131322470.87cm/day
35mph 135184896.49cm/day
36mph 139047322.10cm/day
37mph 142909747.71cm/day
38mph 146772173.33cm/day
39mph 150634598.94cm/day
Miles per hour Centimeters per day
40mph 154497024.56cm/day
41mph 158359450.17cm/day
42mph 162221875.78cm/day
43mph 166084301.40cm/day
44mph 169946727.01cm/day
45mph 173809152.63cm/day
46mph 177671578.24cm/day
47mph 181534003.85cm/day
48mph 185396429.47cm/day
49mph 189258855.08cm/day
50mph 193121280.70cm/day
51mph 196983706.31cm/day
52mph 200846131.92cm/day
53mph 204708557.54cm/day
54mph 208570983.15cm/day
55mph 212433408.76cm/day
56mph 216295834.38cm/day
57mph 220158259.99cm/day
58mph 224020685.61cm/day
59mph 227883111.22cm/day
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Miles per hour

This is a measurement of speed typically used in non-metric countries for transport such as the USA. The United Kingdom also uses this on the roads although officially the metric system has been adopted. Road speed limits are given in miles per hour which is abbreviated as mph or mi/h.

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