Pounds to Short Tons (US) table

Pounds Short Tons (US)
0lb 0.00US t
1lb 0.00US t
2lb 0.00US t
3lb 0.00US t
4lb 0.00US t
5lb 0.00US t
6lb 0.00US t
7lb 0.00US t
8lb 0.00US t
9lb 0.00US t
10lb 0.01US t
11lb 0.01US t
12lb 0.01US t
13lb 0.01US t
14lb 0.01US t
15lb 0.01US t
16lb 0.01US t
17lb 0.01US t
18lb 0.01US t
19lb 0.01US t
Pounds Short Tons (US)
20lb 0.01US t
21lb 0.01US t
22lb 0.01US t
23lb 0.01US t
24lb 0.01US t
25lb 0.01US t
26lb 0.01US t
27lb 0.01US t
28lb 0.01US t
29lb 0.01US t
30lb 0.01US t
31lb 0.02US t
32lb 0.02US t
33lb 0.02US t
34lb 0.02US t
35lb 0.02US t
36lb 0.02US t
37lb 0.02US t
38lb 0.02US t
39lb 0.02US t
Pounds Short Tons (US)
40lb 0.02US t
41lb 0.02US t
42lb 0.02US t
43lb 0.02US t
44lb 0.02US t
45lb 0.02US t
46lb 0.02US t
47lb 0.02US t
48lb 0.02US t
49lb 0.02US t
50lb 0.03US t
51lb 0.03US t
52lb 0.03US t
53lb 0.03US t
54lb 0.03US t
55lb 0.03US t
56lb 0.03US t
57lb 0.03US t
58lb 0.03US t
59lb 0.03US t
Pounds to Short Tons (US)
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