US Gills to Milliliters table

US Gills Milliliters
0US gi 0.00mL
1US gi 118.29mL
2US gi 236.59mL
3US gi 354.88mL
4US gi 473.18mL
5US gi 591.47mL
6US gi 709.76mL
7US gi 828.06mL
8US gi 946.35mL
9US gi 1064.65mL
10US gi 1182.94mL
11US gi 1301.24mL
12US gi 1419.53mL
13US gi 1537.82mL
14US gi 1656.12mL
15US gi 1774.41mL
16US gi 1892.71mL
17US gi 2011.00mL
18US gi 2129.29mL
19US gi 2247.59mL
US Gills Milliliters
20US gi 2365.88mL
21US gi 2484.18mL
22US gi 2602.47mL
23US gi 2720.76mL
24US gi 2839.06mL
25US gi 2957.35mL
26US gi 3075.65mL
27US gi 3193.94mL
28US gi 3312.24mL
29US gi 3430.53mL
30US gi 3548.82mL
31US gi 3667.12mL
32US gi 3785.41mL
33US gi 3903.71mL
34US gi 4022.00mL
35US gi 4140.29mL
36US gi 4258.59mL
37US gi 4376.88mL
38US gi 4495.18mL
39US gi 4613.47mL
US Gills Milliliters
40US gi 4731.76mL
41US gi 4850.06mL
42US gi 4968.35mL
43US gi 5086.65mL
44US gi 5204.94mL
45US gi 5323.24mL
46US gi 5441.53mL
47US gi 5559.82mL
48US gi 5678.12mL
49US gi 5796.41mL
50US gi 5914.71mL
51US gi 6033.00mL
52US gi 6151.29mL
53US gi 6269.59mL
54US gi 6387.88mL
55US gi 6506.18mL
56US gi 6624.47mL
57US gi 6742.76mL
58US gi 6861.06mL
59US gi 6979.35mL
US Gills to Milliliters
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