Canadian Cups to Cubic Centimeters table

Canadian Cups Cubic Centimeters
0cup can 0.00cm³
1cup can 227.30cm³
2cup can 454.61cm³
3cup can 681.91cm³
4cup can 909.22cm³
5cup can 1136.52cm³
6cup can 1363.83cm³
7cup can 1591.13cm³
8cup can 1818.44cm³
9cup can 2045.74cm³
10cup can 2273.04cm³
11cup can 2500.35cm³
12cup can 2727.65cm³
13cup can 2954.96cm³
14cup can 3182.26cm³
15cup can 3409.57cm³
16cup can 3636.87cm³
17cup can 3864.18cm³
18cup can 4091.48cm³
19cup can 4318.79cm³
Canadian Cups Cubic Centimeters
20cup can 4546.09cm³
21cup can 4773.39cm³
22cup can 5000.70cm³
23cup can 5228.00cm³
24cup can 5455.31cm³
25cup can 5682.61cm³
26cup can 5909.92cm³
27cup can 6137.22cm³
28cup can 6364.53cm³
29cup can 6591.83cm³
30cup can 6819.13cm³
31cup can 7046.44cm³
32cup can 7273.74cm³
33cup can 7501.05cm³
34cup can 7728.35cm³
35cup can 7955.66cm³
36cup can 8182.96cm³
37cup can 8410.27cm³
38cup can 8637.57cm³
39cup can 8864.88cm³
Canadian Cups Cubic Centimeters
40cup can 9092.18cm³
41cup can 9319.48cm³
42cup can 9546.79cm³
43cup can 9774.09cm³
44cup can 10001.40cm³
45cup can 10228.70cm³
46cup can 10456.01cm³
47cup can 10683.31cm³
48cup can 10910.62cm³
49cup can 11137.92cm³
50cup can 11365.22cm³
51cup can 11592.53cm³
52cup can 11819.83cm³
53cup can 12047.14cm³
54cup can 12274.44cm³
55cup can 12501.75cm³
56cup can 12729.05cm³
57cup can 12956.36cm³
58cup can 13183.66cm³
59cup can 13410.97cm³
Canadian Cups to Cubic Centimeters
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