Rankine to Delisle table

Rankine Delisle
0ºR -509.72°De
1ºR -508.89°De
2ºR -508.06°De
3ºR -507.22°De
4ºR -506.39°De
5ºR -505.56°De
6ºR -504.72°De
7ºR -503.89°De
8ºR -503.06°De
9ºR -502.22°De
10ºR -501.39°De
11ºR -500.56°De
12ºR -499.72°De
13ºR -498.89°De
14ºR -498.06°De
15ºR -497.22°De
16ºR -496.39°De
17ºR -495.56°De
18ºR -494.72°De
19ºR -493.89°De
Rankine Delisle
20ºR -493.06°De
21ºR -492.22°De
22ºR -491.39°De
23ºR -490.56°De
24ºR -489.72°De
25ºR -488.89°De
26ºR -488.06°De
27ºR -487.22°De
28ºR -486.39°De
29ºR -485.56°De
30ºR -484.72°De
31ºR -483.89°De
32ºR -483.06°De
33ºR -482.22°De
34ºR -481.39°De
35ºR -480.56°De
36ºR -479.72°De
37ºR -478.89°De
38ºR -478.06°De
39ºR -477.22°De
Rankine Delisle
40ºR -476.39°De
41ºR -475.56°De
42ºR -474.72°De
43ºR -473.89°De
44ºR -473.06°De
45ºR -472.22°De
46ºR -471.39°De
47ºR -470.56°De
48ºR -469.72°De
49ºR -468.89°De
50ºR -468.06°De
51ºR -467.22°De
52ºR -466.39°De
53ºR -465.56°De
54ºR -464.72°De
55ºR -463.89°De
56ºR -463.06°De
57ºR -462.22°De
58ºR -461.39°De
59ºR -460.56°De
Rankine to Delisle
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