Kilometers per hour to Knots table

Kilometers per hour Knots
0kph 0.00knots
1kph 0.54knots
2kph 1.08knots
3kph 1.62knots
4kph 2.16knots
5kph 2.70knots
6kph 3.24knots
7kph 3.78knots
8kph 4.32knots
9kph 4.86knots
10kph 5.40knots
11kph 5.94knots
12kph 6.48knots
13kph 7.02knots
14kph 7.56knots
15kph 8.10knots
16kph 8.64knots
17kph 9.18knots
18kph 9.72knots
19kph 10.26knots
Kilometers per hour Knots
20kph 10.80knots
21kph 11.34knots
22kph 11.88knots
23kph 12.42knots
24kph 12.96knots
25kph 13.50knots
26kph 14.04knots
27kph 14.58knots
28kph 15.12knots
29kph 15.66knots
30kph 16.20knots
31kph 16.74knots
32kph 17.28knots
33kph 17.82knots
34kph 18.36knots
35kph 18.90knots
36kph 19.44knots
37kph 19.98knots
38kph 20.52knots
39kph 21.06knots
Kilometers per hour Knots
40kph 21.60knots
41kph 22.14knots
42kph 22.68knots
43kph 23.22knots
44kph 23.76knots
45kph 24.30knots
46kph 24.84knots
47kph 25.38knots
48kph 25.92knots
49kph 26.46knots
50kph 27.00knots
51kph 27.54knots
52kph 28.08knots
53kph 28.62knots
54kph 29.16knots
55kph 29.70knots
56kph 30.24knots
57kph 30.78knots
58kph 31.32knots
59kph 31.86knots
kph to Knots
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