Pound force per square inch to Pascals table

Pound force per square inch Pascals
0psi 0.00Pa
1psi 6894.76Pa
2psi 13789.51Pa
3psi 20684.27Pa
4psi 27579.03Pa
5psi 34473.79Pa
6psi 41368.54Pa
7psi 48263.30Pa
8psi 55158.06Pa
9psi 62052.81Pa
10psi 68947.57Pa
11psi 75842.33Pa
12psi 82737.09Pa
13psi 89631.84Pa
14psi 96526.60Pa
15psi 103421.36Pa
16psi 110316.11Pa
17psi 117210.87Pa
18psi 124105.63Pa
19psi 131000.39Pa
Pound force per square inch Pascals
20psi 137895.14Pa
21psi 144789.90Pa
22psi 151684.66Pa
23psi 158579.42Pa
24psi 165474.17Pa
25psi 172368.93Pa
26psi 179263.69Pa
27psi 186158.44Pa
28psi 193053.20Pa
29psi 199947.96Pa
30psi 206842.72Pa
31psi 213737.47Pa
32psi 220632.23Pa
33psi 227526.99Pa
34psi 234421.74Pa
35psi 241316.50Pa
36psi 248211.26Pa
37psi 255106.02Pa
38psi 262000.77Pa
39psi 268895.53Pa
Pound force per square inch Pascals
40psi 275790.29Pa
41psi 282685.04Pa
42psi 289579.80Pa
43psi 296474.56Pa
44psi 303369.32Pa
45psi 310264.07Pa
46psi 317158.83Pa
47psi 324053.59Pa
48psi 330948.34Pa
49psi 337843.10Pa
50psi 344737.86Pa
51psi 351632.62Pa
52psi 358527.37Pa
53psi 365422.13Pa
54psi 372316.89Pa
55psi 379211.65Pa
56psi 386106.40Pa
57psi 393001.16Pa
58psi 399895.92Pa
59psi 406790.67Pa
Pound force per square inch to Pascals
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