Kilojoules to Calories (nutritional) table

Kilojoules Calories (nutritional)
0kJ 0.00Calorie (nutritional)
1kJ 0.24Calorie (nutritional)
2kJ 0.48Calorie (nutritional)
3kJ 0.72Calorie (nutritional)
4kJ 0.96Calorie (nutritional)
5kJ 1.20Calorie (nutritional)
6kJ 1.43Calorie (nutritional)
7kJ 1.67Calorie (nutritional)
8kJ 1.91Calorie (nutritional)
9kJ 2.15Calorie (nutritional)
10kJ 2.39Calorie (nutritional)
11kJ 2.63Calorie (nutritional)
12kJ 2.87Calorie (nutritional)
13kJ 3.11Calorie (nutritional)
14kJ 3.35Calorie (nutritional)
15kJ 3.59Calorie (nutritional)
16kJ 3.82Calorie (nutritional)
17kJ 4.06Calorie (nutritional)
18kJ 4.30Calorie (nutritional)
19kJ 4.54Calorie (nutritional)
Kilojoules Calories (nutritional)
20kJ 4.78Calorie (nutritional)
21kJ 5.02Calorie (nutritional)
22kJ 5.26Calorie (nutritional)
23kJ 5.50Calorie (nutritional)
24kJ 5.74Calorie (nutritional)
25kJ 5.98Calorie (nutritional)
26kJ 6.21Calorie (nutritional)
27kJ 6.45Calorie (nutritional)
28kJ 6.69Calorie (nutritional)
29kJ 6.93Calorie (nutritional)
30kJ 7.17Calorie (nutritional)
31kJ 7.41Calorie (nutritional)
32kJ 7.65Calorie (nutritional)
33kJ 7.89Calorie (nutritional)
34kJ 8.13Calorie (nutritional)
35kJ 8.37Calorie (nutritional)
36kJ 8.60Calorie (nutritional)
37kJ 8.84Calorie (nutritional)
38kJ 9.08Calorie (nutritional)
39kJ 9.32Calorie (nutritional)
Kilojoules Calories (nutritional)
40kJ 9.56Calorie (nutritional)
41kJ 9.80Calorie (nutritional)
42kJ 10.04Calorie (nutritional)
43kJ 10.28Calorie (nutritional)
44kJ 10.52Calorie (nutritional)
45kJ 10.76Calorie (nutritional)
46kJ 10.99Calorie (nutritional)
47kJ 11.23Calorie (nutritional)
48kJ 11.47Calorie (nutritional)
49kJ 11.71Calorie (nutritional)
50kJ 11.95Calorie (nutritional)
51kJ 12.19Calorie (nutritional)
52kJ 12.43Calorie (nutritional)
53kJ 12.67Calorie (nutritional)
54kJ 12.91Calorie (nutritional)
55kJ 13.15Calorie (nutritional)
56kJ 13.38Calorie (nutritional)
57kJ 13.62Calorie (nutritional)
58kJ 13.86Calorie (nutritional)
59kJ 14.10Calorie (nutritional)
Kilojoules to Calories (nutritional)
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