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Swiss franc

The Swiss Franc is the official currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It is also used in the region of Campione d’Italia in Italy as well as in Büsingen am Hochrhein of Germany. One Swiss Franc is worth 100 Centimes, also known as Rappen in German and Centesimo in Italian. Coins come in 5, 10 and 20 Swiss Centimes as well as ½, 1, 2 and 5 Swiss Francs. Banknotes are available in 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 1000 Swiss Francs. As a reserve currency, the Swiss Franc is ranked 4th in value in the world at the time of writing.


Convert Swiss franc to Lebanese pound

Lebanese pound

Lebanese Pound coins and banknotes have one side written in Arabic and the other side in French.


Swiss franc to Lebanese pound table
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Swiss franc Lebanese pound
CHF1.00 ل.ل1546.20
CHF2.00 ل.ل3092.40
CHF3.00 ل.ل4638.60
CHF4.00 ل.ل6184.81
CHF5.00 ل.ل7731.01
CHF6.00 ل.ل9277.21
CHF7.00 ل.ل10823.41
CHF8.00 ل.ل12369.61
CHF9.00 ل.ل13915.81
CHF10.00 ل.ل15462.02
CHF11.00 ل.ل17008.22
CHF12.00 ل.ل18554.42
CHF13.00 ل.ل20100.62
CHF14.00 ل.ل21646.82
CHF15.00 ل.ل23193.02
CHF16.00 ل.ل24739.23
CHF17.00 ل.ل26285.43
CHF18.00 ل.ل27831.63
CHF19.00 ل.ل29377.83
CHF20.00 ل.ل30924.03
Swiss franc Lebanese pound
CHF21.00 ل.ل32470.23
CHF22.00 ل.ل34016.44
CHF23.00 ل.ل35562.64
CHF24.00 ل.ل37108.84
CHF25.00 ل.ل38655.04
CHF26.00 ل.ل40201.24
CHF27.00 ل.ل41747.44
CHF28.00 ل.ل43293.65
CHF29.00 ل.ل44839.85
CHF30.00 ل.ل46386.05
CHF31.00 ل.ل47932.25
CHF32.00 ل.ل49478.45
CHF33.00 ل.ل51024.65
CHF34.00 ل.ل52570.86
CHF35.00 ل.ل54117.06
CHF36.00 ل.ل55663.26
CHF37.00 ل.ل57209.46
CHF38.00 ل.ل58755.66
CHF39.00 ل.ل60301.86
CHF40.00 ل.ل61848.07
Swiss franc Lebanese pound
CHF41.00 ل.ل63394.27
CHF42.00 ل.ل64940.47
CHF43.00 ل.ل66486.67
CHF44.00 ل.ل68032.87
CHF45.00 ل.ل69579.07
CHF46.00 ل.ل71125.28
CHF47.00 ل.ل72671.48
CHF48.00 ل.ل74217.68
CHF49.00 ل.ل75763.88
CHF50.00 ل.ل77310.08
CHF51.00 ل.ل78856.28
CHF52.00 ل.ل80402.48
CHF53.00 ل.ل81948.69
CHF54.00 ل.ل83494.89
CHF55.00 ل.ل85041.09
CHF56.00 ل.ل86587.29
CHF57.00 ل.ل88133.49
CHF58.00 ل.ل89679.69
CHF59.00 ل.ل91225.90
CHF60.00 ل.ل92772.10
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