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Swiss franc

The Swiss Franc is the official currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It is also used in the region of Campione d’Italia in Italy as well as in Büsingen am Hochrhein of Germany. One Swiss Franc is worth 100 Centimes, also known as Rappen in German and Centesimo in Italian. Coins come in 5, 10 and 20 Swiss Centimes as well as ½, 1, 2 and 5 Swiss Francs. Banknotes are available in 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 1000 Swiss Francs. As a reserve currency, the Swiss Franc is ranked 4th in value in the world at the time of writing.


Convert Swiss franc to Ethiopian birr

Ethiopian birr

Before 1976, the word "Birr" meant "Dollar" in English but today it is simply "Birr" in English as well. "Birr" in Ge’ez and Amharic means "Silver." In the 18th and 19th centuries, Ethiopians also used blocks of salt bound with straw called "Amole tchew" (አሞሌ ) for trading. Ethiopian Birr coins all depict a lion. Coins struck before 1969 show a lion holding a cross and those after 1969 show a lion roaring.


Swiss franc to Ethiopian birr table
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Swiss franc Ethiopian birr
CHF1.00 ብር27.92
CHF2.00 ብር55.85
CHF3.00 ብር83.77
CHF4.00 ብር111.69
CHF5.00 ብር139.62
CHF6.00 ብር167.54
CHF7.00 ብር195.46
CHF8.00 ብር223.39
CHF9.00 ብር251.31
CHF10.00 ብር279.23
CHF11.00 ብር307.16
CHF12.00 ብር335.08
CHF13.00 ብር363.00
CHF14.00 ብር390.93
CHF15.00 ብር418.85
CHF16.00 ብር446.77
CHF17.00 ብር474.70
CHF18.00 ብር502.62
CHF19.00 ብር530.55
CHF20.00 ብር558.47
Swiss franc Ethiopian birr
CHF21.00 ብር586.39
CHF22.00 ብር614.32
CHF23.00 ብር642.24
CHF24.00 ብር670.16
CHF25.00 ብር698.09
CHF26.00 ብር726.01
CHF27.00 ብር753.93
CHF28.00 ብር781.86
CHF29.00 ብር809.78
CHF30.00 ብር837.70
CHF31.00 ብር865.63
CHF32.00 ብር893.55
CHF33.00 ብር921.47
CHF34.00 ብር949.40
CHF35.00 ብር977.32
CHF36.00 ብር1005.24
CHF37.00 ብር1033.17
CHF38.00 ብር1061.09
CHF39.00 ብር1089.01
CHF40.00 ብር1116.94
Swiss franc Ethiopian birr
CHF41.00 ብር1144.86
CHF42.00 ብር1172.78
CHF43.00 ብር1200.71
CHF44.00 ብር1228.63
CHF45.00 ብር1256.55
CHF46.00 ብር1284.48
CHF47.00 ብር1312.40
CHF48.00 ብር1340.32
CHF49.00 ብር1368.25
CHF50.00 ብር1396.17
CHF51.00 ብር1424.10
CHF52.00 ብር1452.02
CHF53.00 ብር1479.94
CHF54.00 ብር1507.87
CHF55.00 ብር1535.79
CHF56.00 ብር1563.71
CHF57.00 ብር1591.64
CHF58.00 ብር1619.56
CHF59.00 ብር1647.48
CHF60.00 ብር1675.41
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