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Japanese yen

The Japanese Yen (pronounced "en" in Japanese) is the official currency of Japan. In use since 1871, the currency is the third most traded currency in the world. The currency's coins include denominations of ¥1, ¥5, ¥10, ¥50, ¥100 and ¥500 and banknotes are available in ¥1000, ¥2000, ¥5000 and ¥10000. One Yen is equal to 100 Sen and 1000 Rin. To protect users from counterfeit banknotes, Japanese authorities take great care to ensure all banknotes are kept clean and undamaged by examining all notes that are returned to the bank and replacing and destroying any that are not of a particular standard. The ¥5 and ¥50 coins feature a hole in the center.


Convert Japanese yen to Danish krone

Danish krone

The name "Krone" is translated to "Crown" in English. The name øre is from the Latin word aureus which was a gold Roman coin. Originally there were many øre coins but due to their decreased value, they have been phased out. The Faroe Islands use their own version of the Danish Krone which is called the Faroese Króna. The currency is worth exactly the same as the Danish Krone and uses Danish coins, but has its own banknotes.


Japanese yen to Danish krone table
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Japanese yen Danish krone
1.00 kr0.06
2.00 kr0.11
3.00 kr0.17
4.00 kr0.23
5.00 kr0.28
6.00 kr0.34
7.00 kr0.40
8.00 kr0.45
9.00 kr0.51
10.00 kr0.57
11.00 kr0.62
12.00 kr0.68
13.00 kr0.73
14.00 kr0.79
15.00 kr0.85
16.00 kr0.90
17.00 kr0.96
18.00 kr1.02
19.00 kr1.07
20.00 kr1.13
Japanese yen Danish krone
21.00 kr1.19
22.00 kr1.24
23.00 kr1.30
24.00 kr1.36
25.00 kr1.41
26.00 kr1.47
27.00 kr1.53
28.00 kr1.58
29.00 kr1.64
30.00 kr1.70
31.00 kr1.75
32.00 kr1.81
33.00 kr1.86
34.00 kr1.92
35.00 kr1.98
36.00 kr2.03
37.00 kr2.09
38.00 kr2.15
39.00 kr2.20
40.00 kr2.26
Japanese yen Danish krone
41.00 kr2.32
42.00 kr2.37
43.00 kr2.43
44.00 kr2.49
45.00 kr2.54
46.00 kr2.60
47.00 kr2.66
48.00 kr2.71
49.00 kr2.77
50.00 kr2.83
51.00 kr2.88
52.00 kr2.94
53.00 kr2.99
54.00 kr3.05
55.00 kr3.11
56.00 kr3.16
57.00 kr3.22
58.00 kr3.28
59.00 kr3.33
60.00 kr3.39
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