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The Euro is the official currency of 18 Eurozone countries. The currency is managed by the European Central Bank (ECB) based in Frankfurt in collaboration with the Eurosystem. Despite being a modern currency, it is already the second largest reserve currency and second most traded in the world. The Euro coins come in denominations of 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, €1 and €2. Euro banknotes are available as €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500. All Euro coins have a common side which shows the amount and a map of Europe. On the reverse, each country has their own variation which represents their culture. Despite these differences, all Euro coins are valid in all Eurozone countries. The Euro banknotes are the same on both sides in all Eurozone countries. They were designed by an Austrian, Robert Kalina, and each denomination has its own color and represents a historic period of European architecture with windows and gates on the front and bridges on the reverse.


Convert Euro to Iranian rial

Iranian rial

Following the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Iranian Rial banknotes that showed the Shah’s face were overprinted with patterns. New Rial notes were then issued in 1986.


Euro to Iranian rial table
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Euro Iranian rial
1.00 ریال41182.10
2.00 ریال82364.20
3.00 ریال123546.30
4.00 ریال164728.40
5.00 ریال205910.50
6.00 ریال247092.60
7.00 ریال288274.70
8.00 ریال329456.80
9.00 ریال370638.90
10.00 ریال411821.01
11.00 ریال453003.11
12.00 ریال494185.21
13.00 ریال535367.31
14.00 ریال576549.41
15.00 ریال617731.51
16.00 ریال658913.61
17.00 ریال700095.71
18.00 ریال741277.81
19.00 ریال782459.91
20.00 ریال823642.01
Euro Iranian rial
21.00 ریال864824.11
22.00 ریال906006.21
23.00 ریال947188.31
24.00 ریال988370.41
25.00 ریال1029552.51
26.00 ریال1070734.61
27.00 ریال1111916.71
28.00 ریال1153098.81
29.00 ریال1194280.92
30.00 ریال1235463.02
31.00 ریال1276645.12
32.00 ریال1317827.22
33.00 ریال1359009.32
34.00 ریال1400191.42
35.00 ریال1441373.52
36.00 ریال1482555.62
37.00 ریال1523737.72
38.00 ریال1564919.82
39.00 ریال1606101.92
40.00 ریال1647284.02
Euro Iranian rial
41.00 ریال1688466.12
42.00 ریال1729648.22
43.00 ریال1770830.32
44.00 ریال1812012.42
45.00 ریال1853194.52
46.00 ریال1894376.62
47.00 ریال1935558.72
48.00 ریال1976740.83
49.00 ریال2017922.93
50.00 ریال2059105.03
51.00 ریال2100287.13
52.00 ریال2141469.23
53.00 ریال2182651.33
54.00 ریال2223833.43
55.00 ریال2265015.53
56.00 ریال2306197.63
57.00 ریال2347379.73
58.00 ریال2388561.83
59.00 ریال2429743.93
60.00 ریال2470926.03
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