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British pound

The Pound Sterling is the official currency of the United Kingdom, 9 British territories, Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man. The pound is made up of 100 pennies and coins are issued in denominations of 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2 and £5. Banknotes are available in £5, £10, £20 and £50. Established in the 5th century, the pound sterling is the oldest currency in the world that is still used today.


Convert British pound to Icelandic króna

Icelandic króna

In September 2002, the Icelandic Prime Minister declared that all invoices and the price of goods should only be given and paid for in whole Krónur. Coins of less than one Króna are therefore no longer in circulation.


British pound to Icelandic króna table
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British pound Icelandic króna
£1.00 kr, Íkr140.13
£2.00 kr, Íkr280.27
£3.00 kr, Íkr420.40
£4.00 kr, Íkr560.53
£5.00 kr, Íkr700.66
£6.00 kr, Íkr840.80
£7.00 kr, Íkr980.93
£8.00 kr, Íkr1121.06
£9.00 kr, Íkr1261.19
£10.00 kr, Íkr1401.33
£11.00 kr, Íkr1541.46
£12.00 kr, Íkr1681.59
£13.00 kr, Íkr1821.72
£14.00 kr, Íkr1961.86
£15.00 kr, Íkr2101.99
£16.00 kr, Íkr2242.12
£17.00 kr, Íkr2382.25
£18.00 kr, Íkr2522.39
£19.00 kr, Íkr2662.52
£20.00 kr, Íkr2802.65
British pound Icelandic króna
£21.00 kr, Íkr2942.78
£22.00 kr, Íkr3082.92
£23.00 kr, Íkr3223.05
£24.00 kr, Íkr3363.18
£25.00 kr, Íkr3503.31
£26.00 kr, Íkr3643.45
£27.00 kr, Íkr3783.58
£28.00 kr, Íkr3923.71
£29.00 kr, Íkr4063.84
£30.00 kr, Íkr4203.98
£31.00 kr, Íkr4344.11
£32.00 kr, Íkr4484.24
£33.00 kr, Íkr4624.37
£34.00 kr, Íkr4764.51
£35.00 kr, Íkr4904.64
£36.00 kr, Íkr5044.77
£37.00 kr, Íkr5184.90
£38.00 kr, Íkr5325.04
£39.00 kr, Íkr5465.17
£40.00 kr, Íkr5605.30
British pound Icelandic króna
£41.00 kr, Íkr5745.43
£42.00 kr, Íkr5885.57
£43.00 kr, Íkr6025.70
£44.00 kr, Íkr6165.83
£45.00 kr, Íkr6305.96
£46.00 kr, Íkr6446.10
£47.00 kr, Íkr6586.23
£48.00 kr, Íkr6726.36
£49.00 kr, Íkr6866.49
£50.00 kr, Íkr7006.63
£51.00 kr, Íkr7146.76
£52.00 kr, Íkr7286.89
£53.00 kr, Íkr7427.02
£54.00 kr, Íkr7567.16
£55.00 kr, Íkr7707.29
£56.00 kr, Íkr7847.42
£57.00 kr, Íkr7987.55
£58.00 kr, Íkr8127.69
£59.00 kr, Íkr8267.82
£60.00 kr, Íkr8407.95
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