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Introduced in 2009, Bitcoin is an online, digital currency which doesn’t have a central bank or ownership and is often referred to as a peer-to-peer payment system. Bitcoins are generated through a process known as "mining." This involves using specific software to solve maths problems. When a maths problem is solved, the "miner" is rewarded with a Bitcoin. These Bitcoins can then be exchanged for goods and services. Although the number of companies who accept Bitcoins is currently limited, as the currency becomes more well known the number is growing. Bitcoins can also be bought using other currencies. Bitcoin is also a "crypto-currency" which means it uses cryptography to drive the production of Bitcoins and Bitcoin transactions. This makes the currency extremely secure. The "block chain," which is effectively a public book of accounts, is used to check that genuine Bitcoins are being exchanged in all transactions. Bitcoin benefits from no limits of exchange as users can perform instant transactions at an


Convert Bitcoin to Jordanian dinar

Jordanian dinar

Young locals sometimes refer to the currency as 'jay-dee.'


Bitcoin to Jordanian dinar table
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Bitcoin Jordanian dinar
XBT1.00 ينار5783.66
XBT2.00 ينار11567.31
XBT3.00 ينار17350.97
XBT4.00 ينار23134.63
XBT5.00 ينار28918.28
XBT6.00 ينار34701.94
XBT7.00 ينار40485.59
XBT8.00 ينار46269.25
XBT9.00 ينار52052.91
XBT10.00 ينار57836.56
XBT11.00 ينار63620.22
XBT12.00 ينار69403.88
XBT13.00 ينار75187.53
XBT14.00 ينار80971.19
XBT15.00 ينار86754.84
XBT16.00 ينار92538.50
XBT17.00 ينار98322.16
XBT18.00 ينار104105.81
XBT19.00 ينار109889.47
XBT20.00 ينار115673.13
Bitcoin Jordanian dinar
XBT21.00 ينار121456.78
XBT22.00 ينار127240.44
XBT23.00 ينار133024.09
XBT24.00 ينار138807.75
XBT25.00 ينار144591.41
XBT26.00 ينار150375.06
XBT27.00 ينار156158.72
XBT28.00 ينار161942.38
XBT29.00 ينار167726.03
XBT30.00 ينار173509.69
XBT31.00 ينار179293.34
XBT32.00 ينار185077.00
XBT33.00 ينار190860.66
XBT34.00 ينار196644.31
XBT35.00 ينار202427.97
XBT36.00 ينار208211.63
XBT37.00 ينار213995.28
XBT38.00 ينار219778.94
XBT39.00 ينار225562.60
XBT40.00 ينار231346.25
Bitcoin Jordanian dinar
XBT41.00 ينار237129.91
XBT42.00 ينار242913.56
XBT43.00 ينار248697.22
XBT44.00 ينار254480.88
XBT45.00 ينار260264.53
XBT46.00 ينار266048.19
XBT47.00 ينار271831.85
XBT48.00 ينار277615.50
XBT49.00 ينار283399.16
XBT50.00 ينار289182.81
XBT51.00 ينار294966.47
XBT52.00 ينار300750.13
XBT53.00 ينار306533.78
XBT54.00 ينار312317.44
XBT55.00 ينار318101.10
XBT56.00 ينار323884.75
XBT57.00 ينار329668.41
XBT58.00 ينار335452.06
XBT59.00 ينار341235.72
XBT60.00 ينار347019.38
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