Long Tons (UK) to Hundredweights

There is more than one type of Hundredweights. Please use the appropriate variation from the list below.

  1. Long Tons (UK) Short Hundredweights (US)

  2. Long Tons (UK) Long Hundredweights (UK)

Long Tons (UK)

A long ton is a British measurement and equivilent to 2,240 pounds. Not to be confused with the US "short ton"


There are two types of hundredweight- long and short. Please select a more specific unit.

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Tonelada larga (Reino Unido) a Quintales :: Tonnes Longues (britanniques) en Quintaux :: Britische Tonnen in Zentner :: Toneladas Longas (britânicas) em Quintais :: Tonnellate lunghe o imperiali a Quintali :: Imperiale Lange Tonnen naar Centenaars :: Длинные тонны (Великобритания) в Хандредвейты :: 長噸(英式) 到 英擔 :: 长吨(英式) 到 英担 :: ロングトン(英トン) から ハンドレッドウェイト :: 롱톤(영국)에서 백웨이트으로 :: Long Tons (Storbritannien) till Hundredweights :: Britiske tonn (long tons) til Hundredweights :: Langt ton (Britisk) til Centner :: Dlouhá tuna (Velká Británie) do Metrák :: Tona llarga ( Regne Unit ) a Quintars :: Μακριοί Τόνοι (ΗΒ) για Εκατοντάκιλα :: Tony długie (UK) do Cetnary :: Dolge tone (Britanske) v sto centov :: Dlhá tona (Veľká Británia) do metrák :: Hosszú tonna (Britt) to Hundredweight :: Дълъг тон (Великобритания) в Хъндредуетс :: Toneladas Longas (Britânicas) em Quintais