Ounces to Gills (UK)

There is more than one type of Ounces. Please use the appropriate variation from the list below.

  1. US Fluid Ounces Gills (UK)

  2. UK Fluid Ounces Gills (UK)


There are two different kinds of Ounces available- us and uk. Please select a more specific option.

Gills (UK)

A British Imperial unit of measurement equal to a quarter of a (UK) pint

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Onzas a Gills británicos :: Onces en Roquilles (britanniques) :: Unzen in Gills (britische) :: Onças em Gills (britânicos) :: Once a Gills imperiali :: Ons naar Imperiale Gills :: Унции в Джилли (Великобритания) :: 盎司 到 及耳(英式) :: 盎司 到 及耳(英式) :: オンス から ジル(イギリス) :: 온스에서 질(영국)으로 :: Ounces till Gills (Storbritannien) :: Unser til Gills (britiske) :: Unse til Gills (Britisk) :: Unce do Gill (Velká Británie) :: Unces a Gills britànics :: Ουγγιές για Gills (Βρετανικά) :: Uncje do Gille (UK) :: Unča v Gills :: unca do Gill (Veľká Británia) :: Uncia to (Britt) Gill :: Унции в Джили (Великобритания) :: Onças em Gills (Britânicos) :: Unssit = Britannian Gill :: Унце у Џилови (Британски) (Gills (U.K.)) :: Uncijos įKetvirčiai Pintos (DB) :: औंस से गहरे नाले ( ब्रिटेन ) को