Kelvin to Rømer


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Based upon the definitions of the Centigrade scale and the experimental evidence that absolute zero is -273.15ºC

°Rø =
(K - 273.15)* 0.52500
+ 7.50


Rømer is a temperature scale named after the Danish astronomer Ole Christensen Rømer, who proposed it in 1701. In this scale, the zero was initially set using freezing brine. The boiling point of water was defined as 60 degrees. Rømer then saw that the freezing point of pure water was roughly one eighth of the way (about 7.5 degrees) between these two points, so he redefined the lower fixed point to be the freezing point of water at precisely 7.5 degrees. The inventor of the Fahrenheit scale Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit learned of Rømer's work increasing the number of divisions by a factor of four and establishing what is now known as the Fahrenheit scale.

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